Do we move up to get Bosa?

I’m not going to pretend to be a draft expert. But it seems that while this is a deep draft class, at least in the first round, Bosa is clearly the best player. Wondering what it would take to move up from 6 or 7 to 1? Thoughts?

Nope, tons of blue chip defensive talent in the top 15 picks, no need to spend the capital.

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If Bosa doesn’t get picked #1OA, it’d be worth looking at considering we will be as high as #2OA. Otherwise, it would probably be too much.

We have too many needs to be spending 3 or 4 draft picks in 1 player.
Bosa is great, and may be the best the draft has to offer, but, there are other guys that will fit the system just as good that will be available at 5-10. The drop isn’t that big.

I actually think I like Josh Allen best of the edge guys. He’s actually decent in zone coverage and I think that would be invaluable with Patricia’s penchant for dropping right into coverage. Bosa certainly is better at converting speed to power and is a better hull rusher but Allen has more bend. I think Ferrell is probably the most gifted athlete of the three but I think his motor runs hot and cold. Any of the three changes our defense IMO.


I’d actually prefer dropping back and picking up an extra pick or 2. Far too many holes to fill and where Bosa would likely make a difference would prefer depth at other positions. DB, TE, WR, come to mind rather quickly…and someone to groom as Staffords replacement might not be a bad idea…

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Yes. The only pick I would do this high is a blue chip OT. You really don’t get those but at the top. The Lions have always settled for Backus types.

Otherwise, just trade down. You don’t get the kind of snaps out of anyone except QB and LT.

I tend to want to avoid QB in top 10, but a lot of that was just the financial risk and the commitment. So many of the greats did not come from the top 10 that I think it’s less of a measurable thing than an OT. Look at today. Brady, Brees, Rodgers. None of them in the top 20 of the draft.

No. I shouldn’t even have to give a reason but I will. We will control him for fivr years. Then he leaves town just like every other top ten pick except for Stafford has done. How much capital do you want to invest in a guy who will be here a few years and leave us high and dry?

CJ was around for 10…

I doubt Bosa flames out like Ebron and Ernie Sims did.

Suh left but that also was our fault. We kept giving him leverage with every restructure and then we fired the head coach he believed in, picked Ebron instead of Donald, and overpaid a QB but weren’t willing to overpay him?

Stay put and pick Josh Allen. He’s a piece we can build around on defense.

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So was Barry and he left in his prime. They leave because of the culture. Hell, Barry stayed in Detroit, but they all leave the franchise

Agree with LionsBlood, don’t give up draft picks. These days you have to build through the draft as much as possible. It might be different if we were only one guy away, but clearly we ain’t.