Do you think coaching the senior bowl was a huge

advantage for the lions the past couple years? Now of course they are not coaching it.

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Could have been, I think we coached Paschal last year, and more importantly it might tell us who not to draft. Kerby was at the Senior bowl last year as well.

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Yes, the league limits the amount of contact you have with potential draftees. Coaching in the Senior Bowl is a huge advantage for the teams that get that.

Coaching the Senior Bowl is huge if you take advantage of it in the correct manner. Are your scouts/personal guys sitting in on meetings.

If not, are you getting all of your Senior Bowl info from your position coaches. If so are your position coaches good at evals. A lot of position coaches struggle at being good evaluating

Is all of the information that is relevant being shared with the decision makers. I could go on & on about the different variables that exist when you talk about something being a fruitful experience or not

Being on the outside looking in, my guess is the Lion’s did a great job taking advantage of coaching the SR Bowl

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New coaching rules at the senior bowl this year.

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Absolutely, you see if guys pick up the coaching they are getting and it gives you a better look to verify what you see of them on film. Find out if they love the game or the income and fame.

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