Do you think the Packers wished they drafted something other than Jordan Love?

Sure the Packers are playing for the NFC Championship but I can’t stop to think that maybe they’d be even a little better right now had they not drafted Jordan Love and drafted another weapon for Rodgers or maybe another defensive piece.

Also, if you were the Packers GM, who would you have rather drafted?

Here’s the picks after Love.

1 26 Green Bay Packers Jordan Love QB Utah State MW from Houston via Miami [R1 - 9]
1 27 Seattle Seahawks Jordyn Brooks LB Texas Tech Big 12
1 28 Baltimore Ravens Patrick Queen LB LSU SEC
1 29 Tennessee Titans Isaiah Wilson OT Georgia SEC
1 30 Miami Dolphins Noah Igbinoghene CB Auburn SEC from Green Bay [R1 - 10]
1 31 Minnesota Vikings Jeff Gladney CB TCU Big 12 from San Francisco [R1 - 11]
1 32 Kansas City Chiefs Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB LSU SEC
2 33 Cincinnati Bengals Tee Higgins WR Clemson ACC
2 34 Indianapolis Colts Michael Pittman Jr. WR USC Pac-12 from Washington [R2 - 1]
2 35 Detroit Lions D’Andre Swift RB Georgia SEC
2 36 New York Giants Xavier McKinney S Alabama SEC
2 37 New England Patriots Kyle Dugger S Lenoir–Rhyne SAC from L.A. Chargers [R2 - 2]
2 38 Carolina Panthers Yetur Gross-Matos DE Penn State Big Ten
2 39 Miami Dolphins Robert Hunt G Louisiana Sun Belt
2 40 Houston Texans Ross Blacklock NT TCU Big 12 from Arizona [R2 - 3]
2 41 Indianapolis Colts Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin Big Ten from Cleveland [R2 - 4]

Wait’ll they find this out!


For this year, maybe? Love being there seemed to tick off Aaron a LOT. Funny that picking someone that didn’t help him made Rodgers win a lot of games for the franchise that must not like him.

Great way of framing a point that I tend to believe. You need to time the expenditure of great resources at QB right. Rodgers isn’t a frail shell of himself. He’s good enough to win a SB with the right parts around him. Love was a total luxury pick and if they don’t win it all this year, rightful speculation could be had, that “what if you had any number of the above players instead of a totally wasted 1st round pick for 2020, who knows…”

Yes… I know Stafford is not Rodgers. But the theme to me is the same right now. Build around the franchise QB until he is no longer that.


When they drafted Aaron Rodgers, while still having Brett Favre, I knew they made a huge mistake. Since I was so right on that one, I’m sure my opinion on Jordan Love is warranted.


Yeah, remember at the beginning of the year at how everyone was “selling” on the Packers because they drafted Love and how Rodgers had nothing on offense?!?!

Round Overall Player Selected Grade
1 26* QB Jordan Love, Utah State D
2 62 RB A.J. Dillon, Boston College C+
3 94 TE Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati C-
5 175 LB Kamal Martin, Minnesota D+
6 192* OL Jon Runyan, Michigan B-
6 208* C Jake Hanson, Oregon C+
6 209 OT Simon Stepaniak, Indiana C+
7 236* S Vernon Scott, TCU B-
7 242* EDGE Jonathan Garvin, Miami B

It reminds me of when the Broncos took Tommy Maddox in the 1st round. With Elway it seemed to take a season to kick in though.

Supposedly Aaron Rodgers loves having Jordan Love around.

It pissed off Rodgers, so it seemed to work.

Wasn’t Favre’s reaction toward Rodgers about the same?

I find it incredibly amusing that people think that drafting Love had anything to do with the season that AR and the Packers had.

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LOL, Favre wouldn’t even talk to AR.

Queen, Pittman, or Gladney would’ve been nice additional pieces, but the Lions have been lining up against all-time greats at the QB position in Green Bay for 30 years for one simple reason.

That reason is the same reason why one mediocre team Wisconsin has become a storied franchise and the other in Michigan has remained mediocre: You find those guys- you spend the capital to find them and you spend it when you can afford to properly mold and groom them.

So tempting to buy the shiny new toy, but those who resist and delay their gratification always seem to win in the end.

It didn’t hurt it. So yeah, it helped.

Nobody has delayed gratification longer than Lions fans.

That’s some pretty interesting logic, my wife say’s things like that all the time.