Do you think Washington should change its name?

A guy wore this t-shirt and apparently didn’t get favorable comments

The Hypocrisy of
Racist Logos:

Last weekend I decided to wear this
shirt, I figured it would catch some by surprise but I didn’t expect
people to be as trash as they were.

Frederick Joseph (@FredTJoseph) July
31, 2018
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If you are a person who carries a victim’s mentality, you will be offended by everything. I’m not offended @ all.

Is Redskin a compliment or an insult? Meh. I can’t control it, so I won’t spend any energy on it. If you aren’t wearing blue’n’silver, you are the enemy. I see them all the same. Sports are for fun. I’ve seen polls that said nobody cares. Have seen other polls that say it’s offensive.

Where do we draw a line? Would I be offended, if they called a team caucasians? Not as offended as I am that they called a team the Pelicans! WTF? Who wants to wear that jersey? How intimidating is that? Sports is getting really, really soft. It’s great to be sensitive to the needs of others, and create a loving society as a whole. Victim’s mentality is not the way to create a loving environment.

Soon sports teams will be called The Huggers, The Gentile Joggers, The Angelic Cuddlers, and stuff like that…until someone else gets offended. :wink:

In our society, there is power in being a victim. We have a much bigger victim problem than we do a bully problem (both are issues, but the victim problem amplifies the bully problem). It’s really hard to take some people seriously, when they get offended every time someone lets a fart. People are gassy sometimes man. Calm down.


It’s probably time for the Redskins to change their name. Nothing can be based on skin color, good or bad.
I did think this was funny.


White dude wearing that shirt would probably be interpreted as offensive. LOL.

People are so easily offended, these days. I’m the “love the humans” guy, and I think people are racing (pun intended) for a victim card.

I agree Snags! I think they should as well. I’m not white but if I were and the logo was a picture of a white man and the team was called "The Washington (white racial slur name) that would be offensive regardless of how one spin it. It has nothing to do with being insensitive IMO

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I’m not a Washington Redskins history buff…but I can easily see naming their team after the native Americans as a tribute than something that was intended to be racist.
Not sure why those chose to name their team in regards to skin-color. My only guess is that it was intended as an umbrella name to cover all the tribes, instead of being the Washington Seminoles or Apaches.


I’m not sure, especially when you think about how the native people were killed deliberately

I’m thinking “Lobbyists”…

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Bomani Jones wore this shirt

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Yeah, oddly enough though, it was common for the natives to go to war against each other and take the opposition as slaves.
I’m not trying to make this into something it’s not. I think it was a stain on every countries history to make people into slaves. It’s really beyond my realm of thinking to try and justify or understand their thinking back then. It’s time we all move forward and view people all the same.

The cigarette smokers have it right, they’re all black on the inside. :smiley:

Not sure when we got so soft. When I was a kid the opening speech in the movie Patton(a great movie and George C. Scott as General Patton was amazing btw) kind of set my standards of being an American. Always moving forward, always winning and being disgusted with even the very thought of losing. I still hope that as a country we can return to these principles one day.


I originally thought this thread was about Washington (State) changing it’s name. I thought, good Lord, what are we accusing George Washington of doing now.


Nah, I just refuse to say the ladder part of Washington’s name

No, just like other things shouldn’t be changed.

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Whoever owns the team can do whatever they want

I asked my wife and daughter if they think the Redskins should change their name and my wife said, “maybe they’re named after the potatoes!” Hahaha


That would be probable if the team was based in Idaho

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She actually suggested them moving the team there! The Idaho Redskins.


One thing I do know - we NEED TO make everyone feel validated in their opinion, even if it is one that was spoon fed to them. Most people don’t realize the media is telling them how they should feel. Even with that being the case, people are valid for feeling the way they do, and now, we are where we are, and wether we agree/disagree, we need to make sure they feel heard and understood, otherwise we are going to perpetuate the division that the powers that be want in our world.

Love is the answer. Sometimes is takes more effort and creativity. I have a client that has deeeeeeep patterns that derive from a constant victim narrative. Her life is getting SO much easier, as she can see which needs she is meeting through her actions/behaviors.

I deliver different ways of looking at “why do I think this” and “why do I act this way” that help her to see.

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this could be their new logo