Do you think we still draft a QB?

Not whether you want us to or not. Do you think they’ll still take a QB and use Goff as a bridge or keep Goff for a year and see what you have before drafting one in 2022?

No way in hell I the first

That’s what I think the extra 3rd is for.

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Sounds via Twitter like the staff views Goff as the guy :woozy_face:

If Trask is there in the 3rd, then yes, otherwise no.

I think it’s BPA in the first two rounds. Trade back in round 1 is possible if a QB is there. Put me down on that train…


No. Holmes has a man crush on Goff.

I think we are sitting good spot…I believe draft day or days close to draft we will get offers for the 7 spot or even for Goff.

It will become official on league day think early march . Its official as far as teams just not league.

If we get a offer i can see us moving him or keeping him an taking more picks for # 7
We may not know that till draft day.
I can see us trading him or keeping him it will depend on offers.

Example Colts are looking to win now an a rookie draft pick will not do it. Goff might interest them who knows.


I do not think we will take a QB at 7OA. In this draft unless we trade Goff.

I suspect we keep Goff. Then reevaluate in a year.

Meanwhile we can draft a project QB in the mid rounds if we like. But I think we will be in the QB market 1-2 years from now after we build up our talent void team.

I’ve said all along that I felt the QBs behind Lawrence were all projects and not worthy of a 7OA pick.

Now we can grab a stud difference maker and let Goff manage the offense.


IMO, If there is at least 1 of the top 4 QB’s available at #7, then things could get interesting. As of tonite, teams still have to wonder if the Lions will take a developmental QB at #7, and let him sit for a year. Now, the Lions have flexibility, and don’t have to feel rushed to throw a Rookie QB to the Wolves. CAR/DEN/DAL/SF are still in the market for a QB. Acquiring Goff reduced RISK for the Lions, for at least, one year. They could still take the QB they always wanted in the 1st place, now, with minimum risk short-term, if the QB is still there at #7.Who is that guy? Likely, (Fields/Lance). Will the 4 Above teams risk losing the chance of acquiring (Fields/Lance), especially, knowing the Lions have shown no preference, so far, and could sit either for a year.

Given the above scenario, the Lions could trade down slightly to as low as #12, and garner a 2nd Rounder from one of these 4 teams. Nowadays, if you want a QB, more often than not, you have to go up and “Get Your Guy”. If the Lions FO feel comfortable with Goff for 2021, then trading back slightly makes sense, especially if at least1QB is still available, and that QB is NOT their FO choice.


Picking up Goff will keep the lions low key on drafting a QB, so that teams don’t leap frog us to draft one…
Of course you gotta say good things bout the guy u traded for. Boost Goffs value and trade him down the line if needed for pick(s).

Not in Rd 1 in 2021:

Jeff Darlington

Just talked to Jared Goff — he has already spoken to Lions coach Dan Campbell and several other members of the Lions’ staff. Based on those conversations, they very clearly view him as their starter moving forward. Physical coming soon. Sounds like they’re fired up to have him.

12:06 AM · Jan 31, 2021·Echofon

Another thing Goff does is it allows the Lions to wait and see who falls to them.

Let’s say they like a guy like Lance. Huge upside but inexperienced and coming from a small school. Or Fields who has his fair share of question marks too.

They wouldn’t want to trade up for a guy who is a project.

But they have a team like say IND or NE who are interested in Goff and have offered up a second rounder.

The Lions can choose to wait and see if a QB falls to them at 7OA they like and if he does they trade Goff. If not they amstick with Goff and reevaluate in a year.

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Effectively, dumping Goff makes the Stafford trade even sweeter. Lions would move down a few spots and still be in Prime position to draft a stud OT, dump Vittai and save some $$ to re-sign Okwara or Golladay, or alternately, draft QB Jones, ahead of NE. Lions would be exchanging 1 statute for another at the QB position. Both are short-term placeholders in my book. Det would have (2) 2nd Rounders & (2) 3rd Rounders, along with a shiny, new QB (Jones) to sit on the bench behind Tyrod Taylor?..All of this could happen, but I am very skeptical it actually transpires. Of course, few would have predicted the Stafford - Goff Trade Sat nite !!!.. - GOALPOST

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Give me ehlinger in the 4th or 5th

Pull a carolina and go defense(except grab a wr or 2)

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Not in the first.

Using twitter as a final source not a good idea.

Don’t know, but they have flexibility now they didn’t have.

But one thing for certain, make it known you are definitely targeting a QB at 7 no matter what your goal is.
Convince Denver, Carolina, 49ers of that and you might be able to add another day one pick. Even better if two QB’s are available.

I think they should at #7. I don’t think they will.

It was that tweet that a few people posted on here. I just didn’t copy it.

No. I don’t think they trade Goff, either.