Does Detroit have the best RB room in the league?

Now that the Lions have signed AP this is the question many are asking?

In my opinion Cleveland, Tampa and Bal all have an excellent rotation too.

But I really think the Lions RB’s could combine for over 2000 yards rushing total and be one of the top rushing attacks this year. That is if they stay healthy and the OL can generate some holes.

This RB group should take some pressure off our rookie OG and rookie’ish RT.

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Too many guys banged up to make that kind of statement.


Until I see otherwise, our RB group sucks.


Nope, they must be healthy and show production for a few games to consider that.

Not even remotely close


I think we are right up there in terms of talent and depth. Kerryon and Swift are two young studs, AP brings veteran leadership, and we have guys like Bo, Ty and JWill for depth. RB is definitely not one of the positions on this team that we have to worry about.

I think this group of RBs is maybe 3rd best in the division.

On paper, maybe one of the top 5 potentially…but that’s assuming all are healthy. It does seem that KJ and Swift could be a hell of a 1-2 punch, with AP spelling them once in awhile, but the jury’s out until we see it imo.

I can’t say that

It remains to be seen how Swift’s game translates to the NFL, but on paper it’s a very good group.

This is assuming Washington released AP to develop their younger backs, I mean they are going nowhere so why give half your carries to a 35-year-old RB would be the apparent rationale… but if they released him because the eyeball test says he’s lost juice since they brought him in the first time, then we’re going to be disappointed. If he can average 4 ypc that’s fine. He’ll put pressure on the defense to come up and stop him, opening up the rest of the offense.

And if KJ can stay healthy? He can be a force too. Again, need to see at least 4 ypc.

Throw in TJ and as far as being the best? They could be. But they’d all have to max out their current abilities. If they do, they could be in the mix as a top unit.

We don’t even have the best RB room in the division, the Packers are stacked at RB

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Man, if any of our backs drop 100 or more on Sunday… :boom::boom::boom::boom::boom:

Maybe we become only the 2nd team to run and pass for over 200 yards average a game for the season … like the Ravens?!

They have Aaron Jones and who else? Or is that why they have the best room just because of Jones. Maybe if you said the Vikings, I might agree, but Packers have Jones and nobody.

Jamal Williams. He had 713 yards and 6 TDs last year. I’m surprised you don’t know him; he did a lot of damage to the Lions in the 1st game at Lambeau last year.

And though unproven, they drafted AJ Dillon, a 250 lbs. man who runs a 4.5 forty. He’s their 3rd stringer.

Their RB corps is better than ours. The Vikings too.

They have the potential to be. Can’t say they are right now though. I haven’t even seen Peterson play as a Lion or Swift.

Wait until you see Swift run in a Lions uniform.

I guess the same could be said for AJ Dillon. Neither one of them has stepped foot on an NFL field.

Do you really think “potential” makes the lions the best rb group in the division over actual production? You’re normally pretty level-headed, but you sound like a homer on this one.

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Of course they don’t. It’s a 35 year old and a whole bunch of guys who have proven nothing and/or are injured all the time.

It has the “potential” to be one of the best but until proven otherwise, there are a lot of other teams that have a better stable of running backs.

I would say the potential for the posters here to severely overrate their RB group is much higher than the actual potential of the RBs.

I expect production out of Swift, but I also expect him to be oft-injured, just like KJ.

There is no one on this team as good as Aaron Jones or Dalvin Cook. Not even close.