Does Holmes have a trade draft night in his back pocket

Would he have a deal with AZ to get Anderson using 6 an 18 for 3 an maybe a third AZ could use more picks What would a trade like that be #3 is worth 2200 an 105 84 6 an 18 2400 It would only happen draft night AZ will look for more Lions don’t need to make it if they want more .

Anderson would work for Lions

Based on the moves so far……

and with Goff not having an extension……

my thought is that a trade down to add a 2024 pick is most likely if ANY trade down in the 1st round.

just my ignorant opinion…. so open to suggestions…


I like the trade idea of trading down and adding a 1st for next year (just in case) he decides to move on from Goff. I believe the odds of Goff being extended if he gets to the playoffs in 23 is pretty good. (If asking price is reasonable)


With Arizona I think a player would have to go back. I think they want one of the edge guys either Tyree or Anderson, I think Seattle takes whichever one is left. If we want ans edge we have to make room. Maybe we can send them both Okwaras our 6 and a 2nd to get Anderson.

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Yep… Holmes is keeping us all in the dark….
not sure what the QB plan is right now….
but makes it interesting.

I think he really does like Goff….
but doesn’t want to make a commitment until he absolutely has to do so…. and then wants to commit but leverage……


I’m going to give legs to what you are saying by citing that in a limited sample size, Holmes has shown he likes to move up the board in the first, and down afterwards. He wanted to move up to grab Levi and he did move up to get JamWill.

I will also cite that he comes from a front office culture in the Rams which is known for moving aggressively up to get their targets.

However, I will give better Vegas odds that its pick 18 he will look to package a second round pick to move up the board with. :wink:

The thing is if Carter is out of the picture the only top 15 player I see as a perfect fit is Skoronski as a RG. What other player comes in and is a fit as a position of need, a culture fit and loves the game? I just don’t see anyone maybe Witherspoon?

Holmes has plans, backup plans, & backup plans to the backup plans. some of them involve moving up, some involve moving down…

Brad is like the Bruce Lee quote …“become water”…& he adjusts to what comes toward him. He adjusts on the fly

The only way I think Holmes trades up for Anderson is if he thinks Anderson is a generational talent.

But… is Edge really a need for the Lions?

They chose to keep ROkwara, and Harris. Resigned Cominsky. They also drafted two edge guys last year in Houston a Paschal.

The Lions are extremely deep at Edge.

I don’t see it.

I think the Lions are going offense at 6OA or trading out.


Harris yes not sure about Romeo Harris took a cap cut its already showing. Lions like him not so sure about other one . I think remains to be seen what they do with him.

I just don’t see any need to draft an edge. We have 7 guys trying to get snaps now. If somehow Anderson fell to us and we did not get a trade down we would have to make room. Release 2 Okwaras and Harris. I’d be ok with that because Anderson would be a foundation piece going forward.

Well he wasn’t cut prior to FA so what do you think they plan to do?

Trade him… or do you think he’s retiring?

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As good as Anderson is there is still a chance that he is never as good as Romeo or Harris. Before injury those guys were very good players.

Very good point, didn’t even think of that… If they were going to cut him they would have done so BEFORE FA so that he would have the best chance to find another home potentially.

No way is Romeo retiring. I know everyone hates him because he got hurt after signing a new contract that he earned but I thought he showed something at the end of last year when he came back. He did have 3 or 3 sacks. With another full off season there is no reason he can’t be even better than he was before the injury. That was double digit sacks in a defense that did not rush the passer.

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You have a point but Harris took cap cut Romeo so far has not from what we heard. If Big V does an Harris I can see them cutting Romeo.

Tell me whats the difference now of released last cut in sept?

Even now he has better chance of being signed than in Sept. I don’t hate him I was not happy how as fan he never said anything how he was coming along . All others have even Big V was seen often at the complex We will see how it shakes out.

I know it was frustrating.not hearing any updates and I saw the RB from the rams come back from the same injury in like 8 months. I think our staff is overly cautious bringing players back from injury and allow them to completely recover. I never hear anything about Levi? I am worried about Big V playing RG. I’d say backup RT maybe but a 30 yr old G with back surgery scares me. I know he is a locker room guy but we don’t need another Brockers. As for Romeo if he’s not better than the rest then cut him too. I just think he may have some upside.

The back was a nerve injury an then he had to get back in shape after the operation It was not a spinal like bone operation. They had to sit him the year for it to heal . It showed him on vid grabbing hip as he walked . I think he will be fine they likely will know by now.

if he is lifting an able to now with weights he should be good to go.

If it was up to me I’m not counting on Big V to be my starting RG. He was good in pass pro but was never that great at moving when he was healthy, I think Evan Brown was actually better in the run game and getting to the 2nd level. This is why I think Skoronski is such a good fit. He gives you the best of both worlds and much cheaper for 4 years.

Teams don’t cut veteran players very often after the start of FA because It’s disrespectful to the player and hurts there chances of catching on with a new team.

He’s either in their long term plans or he’s not. If he’s not then ask yourself why he’s still on the roster.