Does Kerryon Johnson have a flat ass?

Because if he doesn’t, he was down when that “fumble” occurred at the goal line. Without question.

And what happened next is just as egregious as last week when the refs blew a whistle to stop a scoop-and-score in L.A.

It was so obviously a finished play, the Lions didn’t think they had to tackle a guy who obviously picked up the ball after the runner was down.

I guess if I’m Patricia, I say we commit personal fouls the rest of the year. Clock S.O.B.s unless and until you hear a whistle.


It’s an issue, for sure. Everyone is so afraid of getting a personal foul. Golliday could easily tackled him inside the 5.

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I’m a homer and all that, and I believe (at least somewhat) that the refs have a bias against the Lions. But in the replay, when they show the end zone camera, you can clearly see green under KJ’s butt until after the ball comes out. His shoulder and helmet actually hit before his back and butt, but the ball does come out first. Not an intelligent play by KJ, which he’s admitted.


There are times when it’s a good thing to stretch for the goal line, but when you’re in the middle of the pile is not one of them. I can’t say that KeJo was doing that and I understand the desire to score, but you don’t expose the ball to theft.

what ever happened to: “down by contact” ??? that was my bitch, before the ball even squirted out.

He wasn’t down. That’s the point. Legs weren’t down, butt wasn’t down. The first thing to hit the ground that would count as him being down was his helmet, and that didn’t happen until after the ball came out.

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If your looking at men’s asses , leave me all the way out of that !!! PLEASE! :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: :grimacing::fearful::unamused:

It was called a fumble on the field so it needed to be clear evidence to overturn and there was nothing clear about that play. It was the correct call as was the Golladay incompletion.

Kerryon had a good game otherwise but that was a bonehead move to stretch the ball in a pile on 1st down. Use your head kid.

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IMO, the MFNFL needs to do whatever it can to make games more fair, leaving less to the judgment of part-time officials. It might start with giving Dean Blandino whatever he wants to replace Al Riveron (shit flows uphill). The refereeing has seriously gone downhill since Blandino left. I’m guessing he left because the MFNFL wanted certain games to go certain ways. Conspiracy? Not really, but when you’re asking that kind of question about billionaires who aren’t satisfied with billions, all bets are off… so I say, ‘hell yeah’, it could be a fix is in.

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