Does Richardson throw too many INT's

to me his Int’s are a little concerning , right along with Levis. pleaseI value your opinions

Do you think it will get better at the NFL level?

Bingo. That’s why you sneak Grayson McCall in the back door somewhere in the late fourth / early fifth round.

Love his play.

no !

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Not the messiah, then.

never thought he was…I’m having a hard time deciding what QB is , this draft*

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Josh Allen did.

I think its a tough thing to say.

That is why those scouts get paid professionally.

Josh Allen was also the first of his kind though. If you think you can replicate the Josh Allen formula that’s exactly who Will Levis can be, but I don’t think it’s likely any staff in the entire NFL can do to Levis what the Bills did for Josh Allen.

Levis has Josh Allen upside, but I doubt he gets there.

I still like Richardson. Don’t think think he’s in this draft but I’d rather gamble on his tools than those of Will Levis

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Levis is also two full years older than Richardson.

right now, none of these QB’s jump out as thee best…maybe towards March of 23?

He reminds me of Kyler Murray but not as good. Yikes.

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Richardson? He’s 6’4" 240lbs.

Kind of a poor man’s Michael Penix.


How does 6’4" 240 lbs remind you of Kyler Murray? I don’t think he was responding to your post when he said that.

height doesn’t impress me, what the SOB does with a football does, for all QB’s.

Jameis Winston threw a lot of INTs in college and it didn’t get better in the pros, so yes, it is concerning.

You started a thread about Richardson and Levis, 2 really big guys with athletic gifts that aren’t very good QBs, so we assumed size was important. But then you bring up a really small stocky running QB who also isn’t very good.

Why are you interested in Richardson and Levis over the other 23 QBs? Perhaps if we can answer that we can make some progress here.

Sock , I’m not real interested in any QB atm.

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