Does the Hock pick force Detroit to take a RB soon?

I can’t imagine KJ pounding it constantly during 2 TE sets.

Or is CJ supposed to be out between the tackles guy? (Yikes.)

I’m looking for a “scat” back type, but not early. Like 4th roundish.

In looking at everything, I had them taking Miles Sanders early and then decided to ease off and go for Snell

Does the Hock pick force Detroit to take an RB soon?


This draft is plenty deep at RB, they’ll be able to draft a decent one in Rd 5 or later. TBH, it just ain’t the need that some other positions are, like RG, CB2, WR, LB. When you’ve got KeJo, CJ, Riddick, and Zenner, not to mention the guy they signed in January, Mark Thompson and the FB, RB is just not up there in terms of need. CJ and ZZ are the between the tackles guys, and KJ will get some of those carries too.

The Hock pick shows a commitment to the running attack, which to me means they better get a better run-blocker at RG than the guys they have now. None of which are noted for that.


I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with a guard in the 2nd.

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And I wouldn’t have a problem drafting an RB, just not that soon. CJ, ZZ, and Riddick are all FAs next year I think, so maybe they better think about drafting one this year.

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Assuming Riddick plays for Detroit this year.

If we draft a RB, someone on the roster now, will not be on the roster game 1.
You gonna let the young, low mileage Zenner go, again? He won’t be there if you back for him with 4.8 ypc. Or, your best receiver out of the backfield? Or, the guy you just paid, who is getting long in the tooth and may not be at the top of his game?

I would hope they draft a RB. I have a feeling they’ll be going with a bigger guy like Ozigbo or Snell. But I would love to pickup a guy that could replace Riddick like Hederson or Justice Hill.