Does the NFL hate the Lions?

I’ll just leave this here.

Enjoyed the truth

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Good stuff there!

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Hilarious but hurtful😁

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Incredible video. I have no words left, but to say the lions just get fucked every year. Garaunteed next year the same shit will happen. Penalties thrown on ghost calls. Never getting a fair squad to ref these games. It’s all BS


Another reason I like stafford is him going off on the refs after that penalty non penalty against dallas


The funny thing is that the video is still missing about 30 more instances of the Lions getting completely dicked over by officials.


And that may be a very conservative estimate


I stopped watching after the Packers game. Great choice. Had a bunch of great Sundays without football.

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LOL. Give me a break.

That was funny.

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That’s what I was thinking.

No! Play better and earn the good calls!

To me, that’s ethically out of bounds. Should you have to drive before 10 years, before the cops stop pulling you over for speeding, even if you weren’t speeding?

Fair is fair. rules are rules. You should not get better calls, just because you have an ugly helmet with a G on it. Could not disagree more.


Welcome to the board Shane

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Sad thing is he didn’t include several more!

Total BS

An memories…

To be fair, can anyone recall a game where we were on the receiving end? Being truthful in saying that I can’t recall one.

Bears game at Ford Field over Christmas in 2005, I think? Can’t remember the details- either we got a last second touchdown that shouldn’t have been or Chicago failed to get a last second touchdown that should have been. I was at the game, but I don’t remember the details. Just that I left thinking that we got lucky on that one.

And there was that game in 2014 (I think) against the Vikings where we got away with a bad face mask on the last play. ARog totally would have gotten the call, but we got away with it against the Vikings.

The receiving end of being gifted calls? I would say it happens every year, like it does with every team. The problem is, we are Lions fans, so we don’t look at it objectively. It also helps if we win more than 3 games, then we would have more evidence. There are plenty of games we get a good whistle in, but still lose.