Does Ziggy have a "topper" deal in hand from Quinn?

Even given his health, his productivity plus age plus the needs of teams in the back 1/3 of the draft at DE…he should be looking at some offers.

You have to believe that it in part means the medicals still show he isn’t fully right…

But is the other part that he has a deal in hand from Quinn where Bob gets a shot at topping the deal he is going to take?

Gotta think so at this point, since Bob committed 17m tag money to the guy, so he has to believe in him when he is healthy,right?

A couple of nights ago the guys at NFLN said that Ziggy had a couple of offers, but was having a tough time making a decision…???

Im wondering if one of those offers are from Quinn?

Probably low base, heavy with incentives that could earn him substantial money if met , and less guaranteed money.

I hope Quinn has left a little wiggle room to match any offers that are reasonable…seems like he has the money to do it.

Im also wondering if that base and incentives add up to somewhere in the $9-10M range, about the amount Quinn seems to be holding on to late into FA…

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I can’t believe anyone wants him back in Detroit.

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Depends on the price. But who better to know his medical/health situation better than the Lions? For the right deal, loaded with incentives and a low guarantee? Many of these FAs are risky anyway, so he’s no different except a little more risky than most but also a fairly high reward if he could stay healthy. Either way, I can live with whatever they do; maybe they wait and see who they draft.


There is this from Bleacher…

Ansah remains unsigned, and his 2018 shoulder injury is the primary concern, according to Josh Katzenstein of the Times-Picayune :

Ansah missed nine games in 2018 and was eventually placed on injured reserve after re-injuring the same shoulder that bothered him early in the season. This is a legitimate concern for a pass-rusher because of the amount of pressure and leverage that gets placed on the shoulder when engaging blockers.

If Ansah cannot disengage from blocks, he doesn’t have much value as an edge-rusher.

However, if Ansah is healthy he could end up being a steal for the team that signs him. He’s still under 30 years old and has shown in the past that he can be a dominant sack-artist. He had 12 sacks in 2017 and 14.5 sacks back in 2015.

At some point, a team is going to view the potential reward as worth the risk of signing Ansah. Given the injury concern, though, it might not happen in the immediate future.

Prediction: Ansah remains available entering the third week of free agency.

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My prediction, he’ll be a Raider

Ansah is way too good of a dude and human being lol.

WHAT? You haven’t beaten your wife and your girlfriends?! GET OUT!”

Thanks for the info, CS. That makes a lot of sense.

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