Dolphins and Chargers situation

With the Panthers signing Bridgewater and therefore taking themselves out of the market for taking a QB at 7 or more importantly trading up for one, is anybody else concerned that Miami and/or the Chargers trade for Newton and take themselves out of the running for a QB also?
Not that I think a trade down is likely by any means but I’m starting to think that a trade down isn’t even realistic anymore.

Do the Dolphins have any money left to sign someone like Cam?

That’s a good question. I haven’t looked at their cap situation.
I’m just thinking with all these free agent signings and because it’s the Dolphins, that they’ll make a trade for a vet QB and I don’t see many viable destinations for Newton outside of the Dolphins and Chargers. The Bears perhaps? Patriots? Can’t think of anybody else who really needs a starter and has no young potential franchise guy.

We all knew - know - that FA will change the landscape for our draft scenarios …

Seems we may still get a trade down but staying put and taking a player at three seems more probable than before

Not really IMO. The market is gone in FA now and it wasn’t before. Miami could have signed Brees and Chargers could have signed Brady. THEN we would have been screwed. Now, there is one Tua and two teams that deparately need a new QB and the jersey sales and good will that will come with moving up for Tua. Do you think one Dolphin or Charger fan is going to go, you gave up a 2nd rounder to get Tua over Herbert? Heck I still think there could be a team that may be willing to jump LAC to trade with us at 5. For Herbert. Because there is a pretty steep free fall to Love I think. If you need a QB it still comes through us at 3 or you are taking a chance you may not want to take if you are a GM that could be the guy who passed on the next great QB because you thought he’d fall.

I think the Raiders are in play. They’re probably looking to make a splash and I could see Gruden loving Tua.


I don’t think it hinges on who they sign in FA but if they are content to stand pat and let the draft come to them. Raiders moving all the way up from 12 is a big jump. Dolphins and Chargers can probably stay where they are and still get Tua/Herbert. Meanwhile we are taking Brown/Okudah/Wirfs at 3 since we have no trade down offers.

Really hope it doesn’t turn out this way.

Understand - I just think the needle has moved some, not completely towards no trade downs …

It only takes one!!

Problem is, the other NFL GMs know who Bob Quinn is and how he always settles for less in every trade. As Lions fans, I’m not sure it’s smart to root for a trade down, because we all know Quinn will accept the worst offer imaginable.

Agree w 3rdRGR- don’t think Bridgewater changes much. As we near draft day, these teams with no franchise QB (Miami, SD, Vegas) will start to get real antsy. It has happened virtually every year there’s been a true potential franchise QB. This year there are two. Someone loves a QB, they’ve done all their homework and simply have to get that guy. On draft day, they always get nervous and make the decision to give up multiple picks to move up to ensure they get the guy. I still think there’s a high probability we get an excellent trade down offer. I think Miami is most likely, followed by Vegas, then SD. Darkhorse…? NE.