Dolphins CB Xavien Howard wants a new contract one year after signing a 5 year extension

What’s a soon to be 28 year old All Pro CB worth on the trade market?

Would the Lions be interested?

I’d say not at all, at least not at this point in the rebuilding cycle. If this was the 2023 season where the Lions were ready to compete, it wouldn’t be a surprise for Holmes to pursue a Jalen Ramsey type trade.

And just by way of comparison, an article which includes a discussion of soon to be 31 year old CB Stephone Gilmore’s trade value on the open market:

What could the Patriots get for Gilmore?

In the event Gilmore just can’t see eye to eye with Patriots brass on a pay raise or extension, and New England decides to capitalize on his contract desires by auctioning him while it can, the floor for a trade return would probably be a pair of Day Two draft picks .

On one hand, Gilmore is 30, coming off an injury and will require a big-money extension. On the other, he’s a premium starter at one of the most important positions. His situation, at least as a trade chip, isn’t entirely dissimilar to that of Julio Jones, who at 32 just went from the Falcons to the Titans for essentially a second- and fourth-round pick.

Here’s a look at recent veteran CBs who were traded, and what for:

Slay is probably the most comparable asset, having been dealt at 29 after multiple Pro Bowls, though Gilmore is the superior player. Ramsey is a more comparable talent, but he was just 24 at the time of his trade and on a rookie deal. Peters, for reference, was also just 25 when he went to the Rams. Again, think multiple picks as the likeliest compensation for Gilmore: A first-rounder would be steep considering he’s set to be a free agent after 2021, but something like a second and a conditional third or fourth seems plausible.

First let me say that I tend to side with the team when this scenario comes up of a player wanting a new contract shortly after signing an extension. However in this case I can’t fault Howard mainly because of the team he plays for. They have shown absolutely no loyalty to their players, so why should he show loyalty to them? And from the teams standpoint I think they need to stand firm, unless they want to just move money around his existing contract.

They kind of made this bed for themselves. I think in the end Howard will come back late into the process of the season and all that will have happened is he missed preparation time. Probably noone will “win” in this situation.

They keep saying he signed an extension 1 season ago but it was actually 2 seasons ago if he signed it in May of 2019. That’s 2019 and 2020 seasons.

The biggest con, for me, about trading for either of these guys, is their number against the cap, not the draft compensation we’d give up. Our comp 3rd from Golladay is going to be our 5th pick in the draft.

I wouldn’t hesitate to trade the Golladay 3rd and a 2023 4th for Gilmore, and probably wouldn’t hesitate to do a 2022 3rd and a 2023 2nd for Howard either.

And here’s a question I have. How many times has the team trading away the all pro won the trade? Jalen Ramsey, the Rams won. Khalil Mack, the Bears won. Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Steelers won. The best one I can think of was Stefon Diggs, but really both teams won that deal.

Who is going to be better than Stephon Gilmore in the compensatory region of the 3rd round?

Howard hovers around $11.5M to $12M each season. We’d have to throw a little guaranteed money in there on top of it but I don’t think that’s bad at all for a guy that’s one of the best corners in all of football.

The Saints won the Pat Swilling trade, that’s for sure. :joy:


One of the more lopsided trades of all time.

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Unless they edited it after you read it, the secondary headline reads “The Pro Bowler is only one year into a five-year extension” which I read as he’s only played one year of his extension. And farther down they say “After inking a five-year, $76 million extension in 2019”

“The 27-year-old defensive back is presumably in a contract dispute, just one season removed from signing a long-term contract extension.”

We are not ready IMO for a move like this an in 2022 maybe or 2023 but you start chasing with pricey players who yes are good but team is not ready.

I say no an wait at least this season. Remember we have Cap room an lets say next year Saints can’t keep Safety who the tagged this season…Marcus Williams the Safety he will be 26 an maybe Saints can’t get a deal they paying him over 10 million this year an second tag would be i think another 20% more over average for next season. He would make a sound addition young an good. Just used him as example.

Keep doing what they are doing don’t back away an spend big on players late in careers

They must have edited it, can’t find that quote. I do a search for ‘one season’ on the page and this is the only hit “Howard is seeking a new contract just one season into a five-year extension he signed back in 2019”

Searching for ‘removed’ or ‘27’ or ‘contract dispute’ comes up with no results too.

Its right at the top of the article I was responding to. They put it at the top to set the tone for the rest of the article. Take that and also look at Flores comments. He says “Very unique situation, talking about a potential renegotiation after one year.” That wording isn’t an accident. They are playing the PR game and trying to paint Howard as if he just signed a contract last season. You are kind of bailing out their smear campaign with a technicality. Their audience isn’t people who get deep into the details and say “well technically…” They know that as far as the average fan watching is concerned, they are not being honest.

Trying to renegotiate after 2 years is definitely unusual and too damn quick for my taste. And normally I’d tell him to go fuck himself. But because its Miami and they have a recent history of handling their players in a certain way, and the fact that they are now playing a PR game with Howard with carefully crafted language…I side with Howard. He will lose this fight and he should lose this fight. Its only been 2 years. But I side with him none the less.

My mistake, I thought you were referring to the original article posted.

Edit: I just realized none of the posts are (for me) showing who replied to what, which is why I thought you were replying about the original and didn’t see where you were coming from.

He’s also coming off a special year. He was already a good player but he was probably a top 5-10 defender last year.

They are already being paid to be special. If more and more of these guys under contract want to be paid for their “special year” then they should take their pay based on the year prior.

Think any of them would do that?

Howard is a much better corner.

So with this whiner the Fins should just say ok an pay him more . Give me a break then you get the next OT or DLman saying i am better than so in so so i should be payed more . Just open the box an let the whiners in.

He agreed on a deal you expect the car dealer to change the deal for you if your neighbor did better few months after your deal same car?

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I know you’re just using it as an example, and that’s why I included it in your quote, but are you seriously telling me Marcus Williams and a 3rd round pick are better than Xavien Howard or Stephon Gilmore?

We’ve accumulated the draft picks. It looks like we’re hitting, although we have no idea if that’s true or not. It’s not too early to start attempting to win.

We comparing S with CB? I was not but when you look at age an cost i would say Marcus would be the easy choice. Its your reasoning that has cost us all the time ( not you as person as fan).

You want to spend on some quality older guy when in few years he will be on down side instead of building to point where if you had add a top player who has 3 years of top play left helps put team over the top.

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