Dolphins GM Chris Grier didn't say much directly about @Tuaamann on Thursday, but there certainly was enough there to maybe read between the lines

They are going to trade up.

Still not convinced one way or the other. But I do still stick to my opinion that the Dolphins can probably just sit tight and get the QB that falls to them.

Only other comment is…good lord SI website formatting is ridiculous. Chill out on the pictures a little bit, jeez.

I agree

I think they are going to try to.

On a flip note.

Rumors are floating around Mia that they could sit at 5 and take an OT. Then go QB at 18.

Nice Fiona Apple type thread title, Freebird.


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They’ll trade with us I think. If they get cute and go with NYG, everyone knows why and everyone knows we are also for sale. LAC, come on down.

In later rounds, you can game it and hope a certain player slides a pick or two into your lap. If you miss on that, another player could be serviceable and you have saved some draft capital for later.

At the top of the 1st round when QB is your target and your future, you don’t get cute. Neither should BQ get cute. His target is Okudah, who he can get at #3 or 5 and then have #39 in his pocket. Win-win.

I’m every bit as certain of this as I was about everything last year…