Dolphins want 3rd pick WITHOUT giving up 5th

Hitting the wire all over the place. Miami wants to keep their 5th and still get the 3rd pick.

Quinn should be fired immediately if that happens.


I want to eat tacos without getting fat…


I’m not necessarily in favor of it, but they DO have three first-round picks. The deal floated at PFT was their two later first-rounders (18 and 26) plus their second-rounder (39). The third overall pick is worth a ton–you have a chance at a generational player, in theory–but three picks in the top 40 seems like an intriguing possibility to me. At least, as intriguing as this draft can get with the current brain trust picking the players.


If CY is off the board, I’d want 18, 26, 39 and next years 1st as well


A trade like this yields two extra players because we already have a top pick.

Our 3rd becomes:
#18, #26 and #38.

Interesting. Those two extra picks could be a starting guard and top running back. But we miss out on premier defensive talent.

Seems like we need more. Throw in a 4th and I am in serious listening mode.

Yeah, I was gonna say there would have to be some 2021 throw in as well. Though was thinking their 2021 2nd.

No way do we make that trade.
Need both of their other 1st round picks, plus 2nd and 3rd
And next year 1st and 3rd.

They would still get their QB with the 5th pick

They could also use those picks to trade back down in the first to the top 10 if they wanted.

Rumors by Mia beat writers last week suggested that Mia would draft an OT at 5 and a QB at 18.

This rumor is similar and that is that MIA wants a QB and starting OT from this draft.

The talk is there could be a run on OT’s so Mia has to trade up to pull it off.

However I can’t see BQ moving all the way down to 18 without serious compensation in return.

The Lions need an influx in talent and they should listen to trade downs that offer them a lot of picks.

Drafting at 18 puts them outside a blue chip prospect. However this draft is expecting an early run on OT’s QB’s and WR’s. So some of the defensive talent could fall into their laps at 18.

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After DE Chase Young is taken, there is no other generational player in the top 10. The rest are question marks, projections, and debatable in the sense no one can seem to agree who is the best CB, the best OT, best DT, etc.


Do they have any players to throw in?

I would take that.


For me, Nos. 18, 26, 39 & 56 for Nos. 3 & 109 would do it.

That gives the Lions Nos. 18, 26, 35, 39, 56, 67, and 85 in a deep draft

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Tried and failed

This isn’t Madden. Slam phone down.


Yeah no way!

I think there is about 12 or so blue chippers in this draft though.

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I disagree. Both Okudah and Simmons have ceilings close to Young. Stay at three and you gotta come away with one of those three guys. Trading down and getting one of them would be insane value.