Domato Peko wtf are we doin'

Sounds like a salsa verde. Subtle reminder that run gap stuffers are a dime a dozen and a certain person’s money grab is going to cost him.

Others might say insurance against a holdout.

For camp, the more bodies the better.


Some run stuffers are better than others, and we’ve had a few around here that weren’t worth squat. It’s hard to believe that Snacks will holdout through TC and the regular season, but I got no problem with making sure that role is covered. But with somebody that can do a decent job anchoring the middle of the line, not some cheap scrub, and Peko is hardly that.

Seems like they are definitely sending a message to Snacks. I don’t like skipping workouts as a negotiating tactic. Increases likelihood of injury, less prepared, less fit, costs the whole team. Feels lacking in honor to me.

I had a Domato Peko once. Was always in the shop, nickle and diming me.Finally got rid of it and upgraded to an Alfa Romeo Okwara