Dominic Raiola: “people don’t know how bad Matt Patricia was”

“People don’t know how bad Matt Patricia was. People don’t know how bad Bob Quinn was.” Wow. Sadly I think this is an indictment on Martha and Sheila. How are you this disconnected from the locker room that you bring these guys BACK for a 3rd year?? Players really hated Matt Patricia.


Sheila and Martha thought the same things 80% of this board thought.

The complaints were part of “culture change”

Some of us saw it for what it was though

Ay Dom I think we got the picture. :rofl:

Bringing those to dimwits back sealed Stafford’s fate… He took it in stride like a good soldier, but opting for another year of a disrespectful coach and GM was too much to take… Fuckin Fords… Don’t forget, that was Sheila’s first act as “owner”, don’t let her off the hook for that shit.


I have to agree somewhat. 70 years old with the family owning the Lions for 57 of those years and then pulling an act like you surprisingly got pushed into the deep end of the pool with no notice. Yeah, that really wore thin quick the more I thought about it. Anyone on this board in line to inherit the throne would have known what brand of underwear the towel boy wearing. Millionaire without a care.

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Sounds like Dom talks with Jon.


You don’t know baby dee…