Don’t know why everyone is all worked up…

This year was always gonna be terrible for so many reasons:

Rookie HC and coordinators
Unga bunga, tiny brained ex-players as coaches
Drafting injured players
Hutch is undersized to play with hand in the dirt
Team severely lacks talent
Goff is an average QB at best
Hock was over drafted
Kicker situation is a mess
Benching AO was dumb
OLine not as good as advertised

And spoiler alert, the Lions will suck again next year.

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Thanks! This will save me having to watch them!

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The only one I’d disagree on is about the oline. They’ve played very well despite being hammered by injuries. The lions have been able to run the ball against some of the best defensive fronts in the nfl. They even ran pretty well against the Patriots. Pass protection hasn’t been great but it hasn’t been bad either. Goff has a clean pocket more often than not.


Pass pro was BAD today


Someone here posted something last week that said our pass protection has been poor so far this year. I guess the chickens finally came home to roost?


But is not as advertised. All I heard was they were a top 3 OLine… that is definitely not the case.

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Today was about coaching. We were beat before the game started……and everyone on the team played and coached like they knew they couldn’t win.


But muh injureees!


But the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid here was 151 Proof and people were off the charts slappy after watching Lord Sound Bite on Hard Knocks

Standing Room Only for home opener :joy:

Anybody want to bet on the Lions next home game being SRO??? Any takers???

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Why do you hate puppies and football jesus?


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People need to look on the bright side more. There are some positives in this start. For instance, before the season I was worried about Aaron Glenn leaving for a head coaching gig. And now I don’t have that worry anymore.


I mean… asking Hock to block Matt Judon 1-on-1 is probably not a solid game plan….


that’s NOT a positive…,

Lions would get a 3rd round bean if someone took AG off our hands… and will now get NOTHING. zero. zilch.

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A top 3 line when healthy. We haven’t even gotten one snap with our starting line.

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You really think Vaitai makes this OLine top 3!?!?! C’mon

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Yes most of understand that it’s a rebuild.
I still think the team has done a good job in getting an offense despite the horrific showing today.
It may take two more drafts to get this thing turned around.

Now let’s talk defense…
D-line is below average
LBs are probable at the bottom of the league.
D-backs- well there are injuries but clearly no depth.

Next two years have to be defensive oriented in the draft. I don’t see why any free agent will go to the Lions right now.
Very disappointed in today’s result but it was a dumpster fire to begin with and it appears the flames have not been put out.

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That is ABSOLUTELY NOT what most here were saying after Hard Knocks and before game 3

Although most now won’t admit what they were saying and will now be like “Yea…that’s right…I said this was a rebuild year and that we would have a losing record :+1:t2:

Lotta people with amnesia now…


I think having everyone healthy would. We’ve been playing with practice squad players all year so far. Have you not been paying attention?