Don’t know why everyone is all worked up…

Defense has been healthy and defense is awful

We weren’t talking about the defense. We were talking solely about the offensive line.



I don’t recall too many people moving off 7-8 wins even after hard knocks…. including you.



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I have a problem with lions always being the guinea pig for on the job training


And I was about the least positive person here saying “they have a chance at 7-8 wins” …which is a losing record

That seems like a pipe dream now but most here were way higher on this team than me.

But I waaaaaay underestimated how bad of a in-game coach Campbell was. I had hoped that this year he would stop being a moron and going for it on 4th down every game no matter what the situation was.

I was wrong


Pretty sure most of us agreed that there were still a lot of holes but after Hard Knocks thought that maybe they are ahead of schedule.

Yeah, far be it to ask an allegede “generational” # 8OA draft pick TE who’s going to want top of the league TE money actually be able to do football things and block a good football player.

I thought the team could maybe be competing for the 7th seed in december

Not anymore lol

AG is gone either next couple days or at seasons end, and both Holmes and Campell have a year to get atleast something together

Both will have alot of work to here, which is an understatement



sloooowwww, glacial, incremental progress…ish.


Fixed it for you.


Nah, let’s be real. I’ve been, respectfully for the most part, honest about this being a bad team for quite some time. I spent most of the offseason trying to temper the enthusiasm around here (with little success sadly). It’s funny in real life I’m a very optimistic person - but it was clear that if you remove the Honolulu blue glasses and be objective, this was not a good team. And it was saddled with a below average coaching staff. In addition, there is no urgency to win. These super long contracts give the front office a couple mulligan seasons and it shows.


Me too…meanwhile the Campbell love and hype from Hard Knocks had our first game a Standing Room Only event.

I got called out for not drinking the 151 proof Campbell Kool-aid but all I was saying was "Why don’t we wait and see some results before we declare him a success, much less “the best coach in the NFL”

I bet our next home game is not Standing Room Only and Campbell is 4-17-1

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Same, I said 7-9-1… I thought AG would be able to force a punt a little more often than once every 8 quarters. I was so wrong! We will be lucky to win 3 games.

I still think a head coaching job could be in his future. They are always looking for volunteers to coach under 9 youth football. Do we still get magic beans!?

Benching AO and Elliot may have been Campbell’s undoing. The union probably didn’t appreciate that.
When you create a “band of brothers”, guess what you get? Yeah, they’re still on the same page. You’re just not on the page with them.
Using players as scapegoats is what got Patricia in trouble.
AO had a good (I didn’t say great) season last year. The whole defense had a better season last year.
Trying to cover your blunder (new system) with players asses is never going to be popular with anyone.


His friendship with AG is causing issues on the defensive side of the ball

i know hes his Friend (Best friend from all reports), and I understand its a difficult decision from Dan, but he needs to let AG go tbh

You are correct, this was not a good team but it was an improving team.
Offense is much better (despite the NE game). Team needs to get healthy here over the bye week.

Defense…where do you begin.
Think they are 32nd in the league (or near the bottom).
IMO it will take two more drafts to improve the defense as I’m not convinced Free Agents will want to go to the Lions.

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