Don't be surprised

If there’s another head coach fired in the next 24 hours. Anthony Lynn and his Chargers are getting destroyed 38-0 by the Patriots. The Chargers will be 3-9 and Lynn could very well get the axe joining Bill O’Brien, Dan Quinn and our buddy Matt Patricia on the unemployment. Doug Pederson’s seat is also very hot and his Eagles are getting walloped by Green Bay 23-3. But I don’t think Pederson will get the axe until after the season is over.

The Patriots have definitely struggled this year, but they’ll be 6-6 and they’re not going away quietly. Impressive.


The Chargers are so poorly coached

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I stand corrected, the Packers are leading the Eagles 23-16, I said 23-3. Sorry for the mistake.

I don’t see the Lions having any interest in scheduling an interview with Lynn for the HC job. At least I hope not.

He’d be worth looking at back where he had success, as a coordinator.

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