Don't forget to be appreciative on Christmas. I was just humbled

This is lengthy, so if you have no interest, move along and I get it. Not offended at all.

So my company participates in a program called “Homes for Hope”, where the community and regional areas nominate a family to receive X amount of things they need from a furniture, appliance or electronic perspective.

This year, every person at work was gravitated towards one particular nomination. Here it is:

She was selected. Due to the weather we couldn’t meet the schedule of yesterday. So this morning it was set to go and I drove over to take some pictures and meet her. It went well and she was so happy. Couple new beds, washer and dryer, living room furniture, dining set. VERY small place in a mobile home park.

It was heartbreaking knowing her story; then watching her need help to walk certainly did not help the strength of my heart strings. Guys, she was so young but such a trooper.

I didn’t talk to her much but at the end, I shook her hand and - all I was trying to get out was “Congratulations. We were all rooting for you, so happy we could do this. Merry Christmas I hope we helped.”

And BARELY made it through those 19 words. Choked up around “We were all rooting for you” and managed to stumble through the rest. She could tell and she equally struggled with the “thank you so much, Merry Christmas”.

The drive home was pretty quiet. Turned Costa off. Made me think about how sometimes we worry so much about the things we don’t have rather than appreciating what we do.

So hug your family. Hug your friends. Hug your pets. Hell, hug your boss. Appreciate watching the game today on that beautiful big screen. Appreciate being in a nice climate controlled environment while mother nature tries to beat us down outside. Enjoy the food that will be so plentiful it will provide leftovers and some maybe even be tossed.

Be appreciative that you’re in your home with your family instead of working one of the so many thankless jobs today that have to keep churning to keep the world working. The gas station workers. Restaurant workers. The mail carriers. This year, the salt trucks that are still out there. Appreciate those people.

I apologize for going on a long, sappy rant but today was just a major reminder of how sometimes I do take these things and my things for granted.

So I appreciate me. I appreciate my family. I appreciate my friends and my co-workers. I appreciate everything I have, and I appreciate all of you.

Merry Christmas, Den brothers. Now - how about the Lions go ahead and go skull-■■■■ this team for a wonderful Christmas gift!


Thanks for doing that jthom and thanks for the reminder here. You’re good people. Merry Christmas to you and your family :beers:


Fire destroyed Bobby’s trailer last night, Ricky Joe and Big Tim are on their way to get him an apartment, one that Bobby can’t possibly pay for. We’ll all be throwing in to get him furniture and clothes, food for the fridge. Our running joke about Bobby over the years was that you could give him $10 on Friday and he’d still have $5 on Monday. OR, you could give him $100 on Friday and he’d be broke on Saturday. You fill in where you can, life throws us curve balls all the time.

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So true CJ. It was originally supposed to be covered by the news yesterday but they weren’t coming out today so I said “sure I’ll go take some pics”. Funny how circumstances create situations sometimes. So glad I did. I will never forget this Christmas.

And so sorry about Bobby. What you guys are doing is great and unfortunately in this case you won’t forget this Christmas either. Fortunately because of what you’re doing, neither will Bobby.

I lost everything in a fire. First people on the scene (besides the obvious) was the American Red Cross. Essentials, toiletries and a pre-paid debit card for clothes and food were given on the spot. This was on a Friday and they had me back at work Monday. They are now forever my #1 go-to for donations. You might want to give them a call. Situations like this are exactly why they are here and why I donate to them.


Thanks for the info, I hadn’t thought to contact the Red Cross.

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Thanks for this entire post and the perspective. Life is so much more than football, jobs, etc. We are a planet of people and each and every one is special and matters.


$4,800 raised on gofundme so far, $5,000 was the goal but we should easily pass that.