Donta Foreman RB cut y Texans

I liked this guy in college, cut by Texans after injury and some immature behavior. I would give him a second look. Big fast power back 6ft 233lbs.

Any takers?

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I remember liking this guy when he came out of college. I’m pretty happy with our current backfield, but more competition never hurts.

I seriously doubt he would want to come here. Who is he guaranteed to beat out? We just cut the best backfield receiver in the league because he only had 4.1 ypc.

A third-round pick from the University of Texas in 2017, Foreman suffered a torn Achilles tendon during an impressive rookie year, wasn’t a factor last season when he tried to return…

Those familiar with the situation say the Texans weren’t happy with Foreman’s work habits and a continuing problem for being late to meetings.

Rather have CJ & Zenner.

That will kill ya at almost any job.

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Good to see you, Free.

I didn’t know he had blown his Achilles. That’s one of the worst injuries an RB can get. Maybe Leshoure would have washed out regardless, but he didn’t show any of the burst he had in college after his ruptured Achilles.

One of those pesky facts of life that many young folks often have a difficult time accepting…

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Unless you’re HC of the Lions last year.

As far as Foreman goes, I’d LOVE to bring him in.

But I don’t see it happening, unfortunately.

Claimed off waivers by the Colts.

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