Dorsey carted off

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oh for the love of god

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Dorsey has seen a lot of action playing outside CB with the second unit with second-round rookie Ennis Rakestraw still limited after core muscle surgery this offseason. He has also been a fixture on special teams units.

Not a bad thing to have Dorsey & Moseley on PUP to start the season.

Those guys could be valuable down the road come playoff time.

Allows for a guy like Gilmore to make it.

Vildor on the PS.

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John Dorsey will fill in for Dorsey. He may be 63 years old but he’s still got it.

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If that’s true, then I have to wonder if the threshold to “bring the cart out” and to perform other preventative measures is a lot higher in practice?

It makes sense too. Why risk him making his injury worse walking off when he just doesn’t have to? It’s not like he’s playing a game where we absolutely need him to be in and play through it? If he has to miss the rest of practice, or even a few days of practice…especially without pads on, then there’s really no drawback that you’re facing by being cautious.

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Definitely an abundance of caution used it sounds like.

He also said every one should be good to go for preseason camp other than Reader!

Well, ankle injuries can hurt like fire in the moment. You can think you’ve snapped the damn thing and be up and walking around 30 minutes later. I definitely think they were being cautious on top of it - no reason not to - but there’s definitely a chance Dorsey thought he really hurt himself.