Draft Simulation

I did a draft simulation. I made a few trades and ended up with kind of a dream draft

1st round CB Christian Gonzales
1st round DT Callijah Kancey
2nd round OG O’Cyrus Torrence
3rd round LB Noah Sewell
4th round HB Rochon Johnson
5th round TE Zack Kuntz
6th round K Jake Moody


Okay, I can live with that.
We will have to get a backup QB in FA.

I’m not knocking this draft, but I keep seeing TEs. Who did Wright / Zylstra / Mitchell piss off? They’re all basically rookies and all produced when given the opportunity.

I think it’s three years before we’d have to pay any of them. Goff likes them and they’re clearly talented what is the issue?

Am I missing something?

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Honestly, I agree with you. I put TE because I didn’t like anyone else. If you look up Kuntz he’s 6’7 with a big wingspan. I figured he’d be dangerous in the red zone especially.


Fair enough.

I think Darnell Washington is the guy MCDC would target at TE. 6’7 265 who is so good at blocking he’s basically another lineman, but also runs a 4.6 and can move and catch. He just fits our offense.


You imagine the reaction when he drops his first TD pass though?


In the fifth round I am not going to worry about taking a TE, or any other position for that matter. At that point you are drafting projects and physical attributes anyway.

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