Draft Strategy

I think most, if not all, Lions fans would agree we need to find a guy who can develop into a difference making WR and a LB’er who can be the leader of this defense in this draft. Looking over this roster, those are the two biggest GLARING weaknesses. I was playing around with the PFF mock simulator this morning and the more I try to play different scenarios, the more I realize we need to come away with one of Waddle/Chase/Smith. I think we have a much better shot at getting an impact LB’er in the 2nd round then an impact WR. At LB’er there is Collins/JOK/Davis/Bolton/Cox and probably a couple more who I would be comfortable with in the 2nd (I understand Collins and JOK most likely won’t be there).

I much rather have Waddle/Chase/Smith and Jabril Cox/Nick Bolton then Micah Parsons and Terrace Marshall/Moore.

Also I really think we are going to trade down. We just need more draft capital this year and it is lining up really well for us. I think teams like the Broncos, Patriots and Washington will be very aggressive in finding a QB this year. I also think a team like the Chargers and Dolphins will be very interested in moving up. The Chargers NEED O-line help and there is a good chance Sewell and Slater are off the board at 13. They know for them to be successful Herbert needs protection. Also I think Miami would love the idea of double dipping and they have the draft capital to move around. Getting a combination of one of the top three WR’s or Pitts and Sewell would have them salivating.

IMO, the top 4 picks are QB’s. Whether Atlanta trades down or selects one a QB is going at 4 and my guess is Carolina trades up. That leaves one of Lance/Mac Jones/Fields remaining at QB. I think Cincy wants a top level talent for Burrow and my gut tells me Pitts. I do think they do not want to move out and will select either Sewell/Pitts/Chase. I also think the Dolphins pick is not for sale as they already traded up. They want Sewell, but will settle for Pitts/Chase. Here is my mini mock

1 Jags - Lawrence
2 Jets - Wilson
3 49ers - Mac Jones (Where there is smoke there is fire)
4 Panthers - Justin Fields
5 Cincy - Kyle Pitts
6 Dolphins - Penei Sewell

At that point that leaves Lance is the last of the 5 QB’s and there will be interest. IMO, the Patriots will be aggressive in acquiring a QB and I think they are willing to overpay. I also think Denver is going to be interested, but I don’t think they overpay. Washington is too far down the list and would need a lot to outbid a team like the Patriots.

In the end it wouldn’t shock be if New England offered their #1 next year along with #15 and maybe a 3rd. I think draft picks in 2022 are going to be very appealing to this group as by then everything should be back to normal and they will be able to have their own hand picked scouts in place by then. New England is all in on making people forget about them letting Brady go and they need a new face of the franchise.

7 Patriots - Trey Lance
8 Falcons - Caleb Fairley
9 Eagles - Jamar Chase (he isn’t falling out the top ten Eagles trade up)
10 Cowboys - Patrick Surtain
11 Giants - Gregory Rousseau
12 Broncos - Micah Parson
13 Chargers - Rashawn Slater
14 Dolphins - Devonta Smith (Jump us again to ensure Tua gets his Bama WR)
15 Lions - Jaylen Waddle

WR’s are going to drop if 5 QB’s go in the top 7. There just isn’t a need for them. Obviously this would be a pretty ideal scenario getting one of the top three WR’s after a trade down, but I think it is more and more likely by the day.

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I’d love that. I agree that it’s likely we trade for high picks next year.

I do think they have a grouping of players and will not trade down out of that player range. Who those guys are I’m not sure, but I would guess they don’t want to miss out on all of the aforementioned guys


I think if we could trade down and grab one of those guys the first round would be a major success. If we stand pat at #7 I hope it is for Chase or Sewell.

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