Draft Talk: overrated/underrated

who and why?

Overrated - Packers
Because Refs have given them so much assistance (probably at least 2-3 games worth of assistance.

Buffalo - Up and coming - LOOK OUT! They’re young. They’re hungry. They have a great brotherhood over there. NE is getting older. Jackson/Baltimore’s Offense will get figured out.

I don’t have an underrated, but my early nominee for overrated is Brown.

I reserve the right to change my mind.

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sure do hope you are wrong, brother…that’s my dude.

Also - thank you for bringing to my awareness that this is a draft convo.

Overrated - Whoever the Packers pick
Underrated - The RB that the Lions pick in the 2nd or 3rd round


I think 3 might be a little high for Brown. Look how far Dexter Lawrence fell last year. Though he’s been a steal for the Giants of course. The problem is I don’t see another guy at 3 that is a significantly better prospect than Brown. After the first two picks I think there are eight to nine guys that are grouped fairly closely together.

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Most overrated prospect is QB Tua Tagovailoa…
He was special . His body of proof was small , has been nagged by injuries prior to the big one , and now he has metal permanently in his hip that will restrict his mobility , it’s not a question of …Will it…it is a question of just how much and can the hip hold up to the beating it will take …I would not draft this kid with round one capital.

Underrated Grant Delpit, SS LSU

Grant Delpit might be the second best player in this draft and for the Lions & Patricia the ultimate chess piece at Safety, he will be a perennial Pro Bowler , a leader …this kid is the surest prospect in this draft . Having Will Harris and Tracy Walker and the draft capital invested already at the position makes taking Delpit a LUXURY pick with the other needs we currently have …It would not be disappointing at all if we said fuck it and take him anyway . Grant Delpit is an incredible player

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He reminds me a ton of Mark Brunell. Does that mean he’s overrated? Not sure. That assumes good health of course. Brunell recovered from a terrible knee injury back when full recovery wasn’t as common and yet still played a long career.

Overrated - Tristan Wirfs - very likely to be a good right tackle but I’m just not a fan of using a top 7-8 pick on a guy that probably can’t cut it on the blindside.

Underrated - Michael Pittman Jr. - love this kid. He’s the size of Courtland Sutton (and with those ball skills) but moves like he’s the size of DeAndre Hopkins. Can do it all and yet he’s talked about as going in round three because of the depth of the position in this class. If we get him at the top of the third that is highway robbery IMO

LSU moves Delpit down to man press corner occasionally and he looks completely comfortable there. To me he’s the kind of kid you just take and figure out exactly how he fits later, particularly since he can do so much.

Warning: watching him miss tackles is frickin frustrating as hell. He’s not a “bad” tackler, but he’s not a sure thing either in that department.


Agreed …He is special though and the want a desire is clear , needs to be coached up some .

I love the kid and would love to have him. He was always my snarky comment to people who were talking about Greedy. If you weren’t aware of #9 (at the time) for LSU, clearly you weren’t watching much of Greedy other than some draft profiles, stats and highlights…was my smartass response. The kid jumps off the film.

100% if you watched Greedy film you could not miss Delpit …he literally jumps off the screen .

2018 Delpit was one of the top 3 defenders in all of college football. He didn’t play as well this year. Hence his depressed stock. But I agree that when he’s at his peak he’s every bit the player that Jamaal Adams is. Delpit seems to be in that 12-15 range now, so yeah I do think he’s probably a little bit underrated currently

For us this draft is very underrated IMO, IF we want to improve the team and win total in 2020.

QUINN must do something different and radical to save his job/possibly Patricia’s , He MUST set out a better than average team, especially on defense so we don’t get ran over for a third straight year… We sit here and always have a great list of prospects WE WANT Drafted and that , Quinn seemingly half ass totally ignores thee top Playmakers/Difference -Makers in it. One of two things here: A. Quinn thinks he’s smarter than anybody else or B. He’s being a cheap penny pincher GM that will take risks on lesser talent. I say this because or defense imploded ! and we became roadkill and lost. My mind says that IF we had a solid Foundation, Scheme, Plan , and Leaders for our Defense,…Our backup guys would-have held their own on MORE occasions and we would have won more. BUT once our front line of starters were injured, there was nothing but weakness and unsustainability behind them so EVERY other line behind it folded as well because there was nothing strong to adhere to and keep defending well. we were as tough as shredded cheese defensively. meaning QUINN must do something different IF he wants to remain here.

I watched highlights the other day and what I saw was eerily similar to Fairley. Brown is a little larger, but similar production and when he faced Alabama (an NFL OL) he didn’t do much.

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I like Brown alot but Nick Fairly was a savage in 2010.

Completely agree, Fairley dominated the NC game. In Brown, do you see a player worthy of a top 3 pick?

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Fairley was the best defensive player in college football that year IMO.

BUT I’m not seeing the similarities. Nick had DB legs. His get off was off the charts though. So his potential was as a an UT all the way. Brown is a nose that adds some playmaking abilities as well. Sort of a hybrid of Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkins. Nick also just had one year of production while DB has been pretty damn good for three years.


Great idea for another thread, FWIW.


I agree. If you started that as a new thread I would look forward to responding. Just thought it would get too confusing going down two rabbit holes in this one thread.

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I’m not crazy about Brown at 3 but I get it. Patricia singled out interior pressure as the reason for poor defensive production.

Brown helps with that, is probably every bit the run defender of Snacks at this stage in Snack’s career and Brown might be able to get you six or seven sacks. I know the latter doesn’t sound like a ton but think about it this way: in baseball if you have a catcher that is both a great defensive player and is an 800 OPS kind of hitter then that is worth A LOT.