Drafting high long term success history - odds the Lions make the right choice?

NFL No. 1 overall picks from 2010-2015:

Sam Bradford: retired
Cam Newton: free agent
Andrew Luck: retired
Eric Fisher: reigning Super Bowl champion
Jadeveon Clowney: free agent
Jameis Winston: free agent

Toss is some second overall picks like Trubisky, Mariota, Robinson, Joeckel, and RG3. which are all pretty much done and I start to wonder who (projected top 5) in this draft has the biggest bust factor?
Or better yet … who has the likelihood of getting a second contract? … and what are the odds the Lions make the right choice?

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Trade down coming up, my brother! Hopefully double trade down.

OT/OG, Jeudy, RB in 2nd

Draft Jeudy (amazingly safe pick, IMO),

Outscore everyone with our high-flying offense, and our good-enough Defense.

Loved the intel you posted. I think too many buy into draft hype. I’m a fan of trading down (twice, if possible), and getting solid-to-great starters, and let Mathew win us a SB.

I think Okudah at three, with no added value from a trade-down, is a failure.

But Okudah is a pretty safe pick. He will minimally be a competent everyday NFL starter. Very high floor there.

Any pick at 3 other than Burrow, Young or Tua is a failure. It’s either take Young/Tua at 3 or trade down. There are no other acceptable options.

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