Drake London at #2

Ok so this post was inspired by the mostly idiotic conversations on 97.1 today based on foolhardy and click bait mock drafts. Essentially the conversation was if the Lions pick Kyle Hamilton or Malik Willis at #2 and which would you pick. The conversation devolved into “well the lions never do anything right” and people just called in to say the Lions are idiots (incredibly enlightening discussion) and they went on to criticize the Lions for not going after Tyreek Hill, Watson, blah blah blah. Same vomit they’ve been regurgitating for weeks now.

I digress - my question is this… if the Lions can’t trade down and we are going to have to “reach” for any player at #2, why not take London there? They would solidify their offense and leave the rest of the draft open to drafting defense, if they are forced to “reach” on any position/player, how much better or how much more of a game changing influence would it be if they took jermaine Johnson, travon Walker, Kyle Hamilton, Jordan Davis, Thibodeaux, etc.?

Taking a WR at 2 would be a reach, however if you’re going to have to reach anyway, why not take the best WR in the class if you think you can get good defense later on?

Just a thought… but an offense of London, Hock, Chark, Swift, St. Brown, etc would look pretty awesome and close to complete.

It would also be kind of cool because CJ was drafted 2 overall and he’s London’s favorite player, and he played with St. Brown.

I don’t think it would be a bad idea to take a WR projected to go top 5-10 at 2 if he’s a good fit for the team.

I’ve thought the same
I’m not a draftnik but just went through a handful of mocks and saw him mocked in the 10-17 range
Most times closer to 17
If he was consistently in top 5-10 I’d agree but this year is not shaping up the way last year did with, what, 3 WR studs in top 10?

I remain committed to Lions taking on of the DEs

No question it’s not the best year to be sitting at #2

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He’s not my 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice but I wouldn’t hate it. Just add good football players, and Drake London is a good football player.


The other side is IF
He’s a stud — you got a top WR for 5 years
There’s no question about positional value….

… other than I still think your better off making OL & DL priority #1 any time you can get a good one

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Well we need a WR…a S…an DL

I don’t care if they grade him best an take him or like Hutch an take him or Hamilton an take him

I do know they have a hell of a lot more info on who they pick than anyone on this board or who are doing mocks an that goes for all teams.

Now with all the info do they miss yes hell of a lot more than hit big.


Agreed, this is an awful year to be 2… nobody is going to want to trade up, and all the guys projected to go 5-10 regardless of position would all be a reach. So my thinking is take the guy who can immediately improve your team, even if you have to take them “too soon.”

I’d be totally cool with any of the rushers. What I think we could potentially do is start a bidding war for the top OTs, but even then I don’t know exactly how we could do it, or if we actually drafted an OL how beneficial that would really be immediately.

My line of thinking is this - if you take a player at 2 he needs to come in and immediately start. Or at least not take long to become a starter. I’m no expert either, and if they think one of the DE/Edge guys can be an immediate improvement for them, go for it.

But, if you can take a WR who you know will be really good, potentially your future number 1, but you have to take him at 2 as opposed to 5-10, who cares? They stay put, in most people’s eyes they will be reaching. But if you have to reach, take the guy who can be an immediate impact. Is London that guy? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be upset if they went that route.

Also too, the crazy amount of money WRs are getting these days, it isn’t that far of a reach to say that is worthy of a top 5 draft pick and money.

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That’s why I don’t study prospects, watch videos or do mocks. You can never know enough.

Some like to think they do, and the GM blunders can be legendary (eg: Tavai, the Teez, BMW) but even Quinn has forgot more about player selection than any of us will ever know.

I think these guys sometimes fall victim to overexposure or being blinded by love for a player.

Just like many of us were temporarily blinded by a crazy bitch that happened to fuck like a ferocious mink … :crazy_face:

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Lol amen!!! Yeah, unfortunately (fortunately?) whatever, been there… but if I avoided that my 20s would’ve been much different

Lol that’s an off topic tavern conversation

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It’s fun for a while … :crazy_face:

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But she was damn ass crazy and once you get past that it’s like “oh ok, I can still have good sex with a not insane person”

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Yes, it’s very possible but this is going too OT for me … :crazy_face:

Brings up some memories though!! :+1:

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So it goes… it’s a weird wild world out there (say that in a Johnny Carson voice) but, you live, love and learn… so it goes.

Anyway, let’s just take drake London at 2! We solidify our offense, and we have the rest of the draft to take defense, and another WR and TE.

I do think we should take another TE. Hock is good but I’m not completely sold on him… we need another guy. Add WR, TE, then DL and LB or safety in our top 100 picks… I’d say we improved the team pretty well

Also last thing, but whatever we do at #2 is going to be criticized as all get out. The way the draft is shaking out, it seems there’s no “right pick” and it’s going to be whoever Holmes/Campbell think can come in and be an immediate influence.

So why not a WR? If they really love a DL like Johnson, Walker, Thibodeaux or Davis, great. I will trust their judgement because I have faith they know how they will plug in that player.

We need an impact player at 2 and then whoever they think can be an immediate impact, I trust their judgement. It’ll all be answered eventually in the W/L column, and they know that

I’d be happy if they took Garrett Wilson at 2 because he’s the guy I have the most confidence in to be a top 10 player at his position.

Problem is they’ll never do it.


So why won’t they though? I get what you’re saying, at the same time my point is if you have to reach anyway, take the guy you think can make an immediate impact.

I’d be down with Wilson at 2 too if they thought he could come in and make an immediate impact to the offense


I would be 100% in favor of taking Wilson or London at #2 OA… over Hamilton.

I still haven’t finalized my opinion on the WRs vs. edge guys… but safety is not in my plan for any top 10 pick this year (or most every year either).


I like Drake had two years with ARSB, and hopefully that helped mold his work ethic. You would think the coaches have asked him a few questions about Drake.

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Just heard Mark Dominik call him London Drake while being interviewed by Cowherd.
Shocker that Dominik no longer has a job with that football knowledge.

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I preface what i am about to say with this I hate the ohio state buckeyes, but if u take a wide receiver that high it better be garrett wilson, all sins are forgiven when u put on the mighty Honolulu blue and silver.