Drake to Arizona

Sorry fellas. He went for a conditional 2020 pick

Maybe they cut Zenner to make room

Good. Let another bottom feeding organization have the career backup.


Wow. That’s a surprise. Thought Edmonds has looked pretty good.

Arizona lost RB Chase Edmonds to a hamstring injury Sunday, already had RB David Johnson dealing with an ankle injury that is expected to sideline him this week and now will add RB Kenyan Drake, who could be in line for significant work Thursday night vs. San Francisco. per Adam Schefter

Just saw that about Edmonds. Makes sense then.

Haven’t heard yet about Walker’s injury, but maybe they need a Safety more than an RB. Sign Zenner, RB problem solved.

Update: AZ got Drake for a 2020 6th that could become a 5th. Dunno what the conditions are.
Per Adam Schefter

MaYbE wE cAn TrAdE a FoUrTh RoUnD pIcK fOr DiGgs :slight_smile:

Really wish we would’ve paid that. Though AZ will he picking higher so I guess we would have had to beat it

Yeah, like a conditional 5th that could be a 4th. I might raise a few hackles around here, but the Lions would have been foolish IMHO to give up a 4th for an RB that will not be giving them 5 yds a carry behind this OL. I’d rather use that pick on a young runner out of college, or a Safety, DL, OG, etc.


Uh, oh. Does that mean that ZZ is going to make his prodigal son return to Detroit after all?


From PoD:

Taylor Decker was Detroit’s highest graded run blocker on the OL Sunday at 56.8. Ragnow was the only other lineman graded higher than a 50 on the ground by PFF.

Me: Seriously, this OL cannot run-block. Sometimes they are outnumbered, I get that but dang. A better RB would make a difference, but how much difference? I don’t know nothin’ about Drake, but I’m finding it hard to believe he would’ve moved the needle much for our ground game.

FYI: Glasgow missed the entire 4th qtr against NY. Wasn’t even on the sidelines. Ill maybe, I never saw he get injured and helped off the field. Something to keep an eye on.

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Maybe Glasgow is finally tired of the rotating guard stuff. Wiggins is not that great so I really don’t understand the obsession. Anyway, he doesn’t strike me as a pouty brat type player so maybe he had some injury and they didn’t pay much attention since we rotate guards a lot

Whenever he was on the sidelines he couldn’t stop laughing every time we called a run play. They told him to go inside if he was going to be like that.


Amazing though
Cardinals are 3-4-1
Better than anyone would have said at the start of the season

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Yep, like clockwork Glasgow got pulled after the 1st quarter and the line play deteriorated when Wiggins went in. Then he moved from RG to LG to replace Dahl

If we see it why don’t the Lions see it? I’m sure Wiggins is an okay backup, but he just isn’t the guy to have out there if you can help it. Nothing wrong with that, that’s the case with most backups in the league

problem solved?

Well, Zenner’s ypc career is 3.9, and this season the Lions as a team is 3.6, so we’re talking improvement here. I was being a little bit facetious, but let’s get real: there aren’t many guys out there who could get 4.0 or better running behind our OL. That’s JMO, could be wrong but I just don’t think there’s any RB out there that is going to be make the Lions’ running game that much better. If you want depth, I think Zenner is as good as anybody and he’s a lot cheaper plus he plays on ST.

Zenner ran for 4.8 with our offensive line