Dream Scenario

Even though the chances of the Lions pulling this off is like .1%, I feel there is a real chance for this scenario to occur.

  • Cincy takes Burrow and Redskins take Young with the first two picks.

  • If Miami wants Tua, make a trade with them (even if it is for only one extra 2nd rounder. Miami would then take Tua. The Giants could go in a number of different directions but they desperately need an OT. High likelihood of Andrew Thomas being their guy.

  • The Lions sit at #5 and have Derrick Brown/Jeff Okudah sitting there. Probably would both be targets if we stayed at #3. If Burrow/Tua are gone, there is only one additional top QB on the board (Justin Herbert). QB needy teams like the Chargers, Carolina, Indy, Saints, ect. will be pushing to trade in front of the Chargers picking at #6.

  • If the Chargers really like Herbert and are afraid another team will trade up to #5 to snag him, they might be willing to trade their 2nd rounder to secure him.

  • That would be the dream scenario for Detroit as it would still allow us to take either of our targets at #6 (Okudah and Brown) while securing 2 additional second round picks.

Like I said, Detroit would never get so lucky but it is not hard to imagine a scenario like this playing out. I sure hope the Lions are wise enough to understand we are not one player away from contending, we need additional picks.

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The sad thing is if it is between Okudah or Brown or Thomas than I rather they trade down to #5. I don’t know why, maybe it is because I feel like #3 should be a sure thing and I don’t see any of those guys as “sure things”.

In your first bullet point, did you mean Redskins or did you think the Giants would trade up to take Young?

My dream scenario is Washington drafting someone else and the Lions get Young. I just think he will be a great player in this league.

I think there’s a real possibility that the Lions would have the opportunity to trade down twice.

The Lions should get Miami’s 2 second round picks for a fair trade value. Per the trade value chart.

I see a real chance that the Lions could position themselves to have two firsts and two seconds in the draft. Here’s how.

Trade with Mia for #5, #39, #56 and Mia’s 4th round comp pick. Mia keeps all 3 first rounders and still has two 3rd round picks too.

Sitting at 5 now the Lions trade down again with IND who is trying to move up for a QB.

Lions get 13th, 44, and 122.

Lions now have
1st #13
2nd #35, #39, #44, and #56
3rd #67 and #75
4th # 99 #122 and Mia 4th round comp
5th #131 and 154
6th #162

They now have the ammo to trade back up from 13 or more likely up from round two and into round 1 to draft two first round players.

But …

BQ had several quality trade offers last year and he stood pat and took TJ. Even though the market value was in a trade down. I feel like BQ falls in love with a certain player and just has to have them. Regardless of value.

See Hock, Tabor, Tavai and more.

So I think BQ stays put at 3 and over drafts his player.

A trade down to #5 for additional picks would be ideal. At #5 I would certainly consider Isiah Simmons a rare multi-dimensional player who would immediately improve this defense. Impact players are certainly needed & he is that. Keeping in mind that FA can address the DL need with a strong group being available, this makes the most sense. God only knows in what direction Quinn & Patricia will take!

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The trade value last year wasn’t great. Based off of reports it was the Steelers and it was a similar offer to what they used to move up and get Bush

Agreed, I wouldn’t move down 10 spots for an extra 2nd and 3rd the next year. This draft class looks to be much stronger than last year’s though… Especially at RB, WR and OT

I like Simmons but not in the top 5. He reminds me a little of Jabrill Peppers. Mocks everywhere loved Peppers ability to play LBer and S. Most mocks had him projected top ten, many had him top 5 even but in the draft he fell to the bottom of round one and he has yet to live up to his draft hype. I felt Peppers was better suited to play S. I think Simmons could also be best suited to play S in the NFL.

I like Simmons range and I think that’s a key trait for a LBer but there’s a few things that bug me with him at LBer. So that’s why I think he could be better as a S. He often struggles getting off blocks and sometimes gets lost in traffic. He can be hesitant and this is often a sign that his instincts aren’t there yet. I’d say this is a by product of him playing multiple positions and will need to be coached out of him.

I suspect that he’s drafted mid to late round one and the team that drafts him will play him at one position and not move him around much. I’m guessing that position is S.

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If he runs sub 4.45 at 230 there is no way that Simmons makes it to the second half of the first round

I didn’t think you could trade a conditional pick…

New rule. No restrictions on that any longer.

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Why would Miami trade up to three when there’s little to no chance the giants are taking a QB?

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Because they want Tua and are afraid another team trades above them to take him. Happens a lot every year, for reference. Once teams identifies their future franchise QB, they do not want to lose them.

Peppers ran a 4.46 and he went pick 25.

They can trade comp picks now? Awesome if so!

Would like to see us take a SS like Kyle Dugger and move him in to the LB position, basically what we thought we had with Killebrew. Philly moved Nate Gerry into that position. Dugger might break 4.45, and we’ll have a chance to see him at the Senior Bowl. Anyone know if we coach the north or the south?

Peppers is also only 5’11”, 215lbs. Simmons is 6’4”, 235lbs.

I get that but I would be surprised if someone trades up for Tua with the uncertainty with his injury. If this were pre-injury and Barrows and Tua were considered the 1a and 1b overall picks…

It’s enough of a risk as is, much less also giving up picks. I’ll bet anyone here a forum beer that nobody trades into the top five for Tua

I cant find anywhere where it says they were quality offers. From what i can see No one but Quinn knows. Is there anywhere it shows what they were offered? I cant find anything on it.

As far as Hock, Tabor and Tavai, they were all projected to go when Detroit picked them. I didnt like the hock pick, tabor was a bust, Tavai remains to be seen.

I think Tabor was projected to be a late 1st-2nd round pic but he was removed from many draft boards alltogether when he ran a 12 second 40

Not everyone had Tavai a second round prospect. Some had had him listed as around a fifth round projection

Well, other teams may be trying to trade up for a QB and 3 is close enough to not give up too much to get their guy. As far as Tua goes, Herbert will probably be the 2nd QB taken, so don’t assume a team will be trading up for the Bama boy

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