Duke Johnson to the Texans

Duke Johnson to the Texans. Don’t know the compensation yet. Conditional fourth round pick which could become a third round pick.

Browns win again imo.
Not only has Dorsey built that team to win NOW, he’s gathered a plethora of picks to contribute to the future as well.
I don’t want to jump the gun, but if I had to pick the NFL’s next dynasty, the Browns have (on paper) to be in consideration.

Also read on twitter that if the pick turns out to be a 3rd rounder, it will be the highest compensation for a RB since Trent Richardson.

He’s good, but not that good I’d give up a third round pick. Sheesh.

The team is built for a small window to go for it. Dorsey will need the draft capital to replace players he’s about to lose once he starts having to pay his current guys that are on cheap contracts.

10 picks in 2020, and I’m sure he’s not finished either.

He’s going to need them. The way he has the team built is exactly how you should do it when you have key guys locked into cheaper rookie deals, but its not sustainable. He’s got a short window before he has to pay his own guys and let some guys they have now walk or let his own guys walk. Either way he’s got some replacing to do.

I think going out and getting established NFL talent like Landry and Beckham makes a TON more sense than trying to draft and develop your own players at every single position…by the way. That only works in video games so I’m glad they went the course that they did and acquired some talent that’s ready to compete right now.

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