Dumb Trade Rumors as seen on the Internet

Just thought this would be a fun thread since we’re in silly season. I came across this today and chuckled as I realized other teams fans have just as dumb ideas as some of us do.

Figured I’d start a thread to see if anyone else has come across some of these ‘shake your head’ trade ideas. We all need a good laugh every now and then.

I wouldn’t give up our 2nd round pick for Cousins.

He has a full guaranteed $35 million salary in 2022, and then is a free agent… which means he could leave or a team would have to pay him a minimum of $42 million in 2023 to tag him.

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Forget Goff . . . Forget #2 overall . . . I wouldn’t take Cousins if Minnesota gave us a pick.


Cousins is not an upgrade over Goff. Ridiculous rumor.

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Didn’t Cousins lose to the worst team in the NFL last year?

Man you guys are killing Cousins. I personally don’t want him either and think this trade is ridiculous, but come on, hes not that bad. Hes actually played some really good football over the past couple seasons. Hes definitely better then Goff right now, and will likely continue to be better then Goff unless he takes a leap forward this year.

I personally would rather have Goff considering Cousins has a massive cap hit this year and is much older, but Cousins is still clearly the better of the two QB’s.


He lost to Goff, and almost lost twice. And that is with Goff having a worse team.

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Cousins has been solid the past few seasons. I’m not saying the Lions should trade for him at all, but credit where credit is due. The Vikes are losing recently because the defense was terrible, not because of Cousins.

In the last 2 years Cousins has thrown for 68 TD’s and 20 int’s. An average of 34 and 10.


Cousins is a good qb. Lots of haters i see.

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Bill Belicheck lost to Matt Patricia, Patricia must clearly be the better coach right? The Cheifs got rocked by the Titans, Tannehill must be better than Mahomes right?

Not trying to sound like an ass, but loses don’t always fall on the QB. Just like Stafford not winning jack for 10+ years here doesn’t mean he was a shitty QB.

Mike Zimmer did that team no favors with his conservative coaching style.

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Cousins has had Thielen and Diggs/Jefferson… plus a good running game in the past few years.

He should be putting up good stats.

His struggles against good teams… especially in primetime games… are what cause people to doubt him.

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I agree with all of that, Goff and Cousins to me are very similar QB’s. They need a supporting cast, they both can’t move much, they need a clean pocket, a good running game and some talent at WR to play well. And Cousins has been playing well. If the Lions get Goff some help, we would be loving a 34 and 10 season.

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I don’t agree with that. Cousins at $35M or Goff at $26 plus $9M to spend elsewhere? No brainer.


I said before salary aside. I’m talking purely from a performance perspective. Can anyone give me one credible sports writer who would rakn Goff over Cousins? Does anyone here think any Vikings fan would take Goff over Cousins?

Once again I’m not knocking Goff here, just saying Cousins isn’t some bottom of the barrel QB. He has consistently been a borderline top 10 QB the past few seasons. He certanly has his flaws, but if he didn’t he would be better then borderline top 10.

No. I don’t see how it gets done without adding Jack Fox.


I think Cousins is a decent QB, not taking anything away from him…but If Goff had Justin Jefferson, Thielen, and Osborn, you might think otherwise as to Cousins being the better QB.

Well Vikings Cousins has put up much better numbers in the last few seasons than Goff with the Rams. And we all see what Stafford did with the Rams. You don’t need Matt Patricia to figure this out.

If tom brady doesn’t have help he doesn’t win SB. You guys sound ridiculous. I get it he went to msu

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So, any other trade rumors besides cousins?

How many different ways do you want to lose this argument?