Dunbar from the Skins

Would we be interested ? What would you give up ?

He’s either a rental or you are going to have to pay a lot to keep him next year. I’d think about our 4th but I’d expect a contender would bid quite a bit more.

He does fit the Patricia prototype and would free up #3 for another position so it’s definitely an interesting propositon.

No real risk in kicking the tires. However, he spoke out on social media, so he is untouchable in the eyes of the Lion’s front office.

Quinntricia only want yes men who underachieve and have no desire to win or improve.

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I would assume the fact that the Redskins are shopping him is bc he wants 14-16m per season starting in ‘21.

He is the number 2 rated corner according to PFF. I would start at a 4th and go up to a 3rd .

Yeah. He’s good. And he’s exactly the archetype that you want.

If we are committed to paying him and keeping him then yeah I think I’d do one of our thirds.

You could extend him but keep this years cap number the way it is. Maybe go low on the cap in ‘21 and then Trufant is off the books. Or cut Trufant. Dunbar, Trufant, Coleman, AO, Agnew and maybe a mid round rookie is a really good CB Room. I like our safety room already so the idea of having that loaded of a secondary and still having #3 to use elsewhere is enticing.

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I heard the trade demand came about when Dunbar heard that Rivera doesn’t allow 15 minute Instagram breaks.

A 3rd rounder. Then it was slay for him. I really want another CB this off season. Then we can draft oline and dline with a sprinkle of a RB.

Yep, this is a guy worth looking into. Trufant will not be here past 2021. If we value CB, and I think we do, this could be an ideal situation. I like the idea of giving a 4th for him, bumping his pay in 2020 and maybe giving him a deal also for 2021?

Depends on what he wants. But yep, this is an interesting development.

Im thinking that if they do go after him and give him a deal, it may infer they think Young will be available at three

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I just don’t understand how the Redskins can pass up a blockbuster trade down for Tua if it is available.

They have a solid front seven, are mostly awful elsewhere and have no second round pick.

Conversely if they’re really not sold on Haskins I don’t see how they pass on Tua. Though the fact that Haskins was a Snyder mandate and that Snyder is a stubborn a-hole that’s clueless about football probably means they go in a a different direction.


Who knows what they are thinking? That said, this logic is certainly very sound.