Dungeon of Doom: Full-circle chat on surging Lions with Peter King and Taylor Decker

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What IF they took the guard :flushed:

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Great listen. Thanks for posting.

Definitely listen to the Taylor Decker part. I have new found respect for that guy. He’s tougher than anyone gives him credit for.

Great listen
Major takeaways

  1. It was ALWAYS about 2023 (Weeze-man was the first one to call it)
  2. These cats want us to go conservative - NO WAY - Not who Brad & Dan are
    note β†’ picking/playing aggressive ISN’T picking/playing desperate", as they put it
  3. Who would you rather be for the next 5 years, GB or Detroit? hahahahahah
    Peter King is really reserved in his support
    T- Deck β†’ love ya man
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