Dwayne Haskins Dead at 24

Hit by car…Sad.

Holy cow!

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Damn that’s crazy.

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Wtf. R.i.p. . Terrible sad news

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Wow. That is sad.

It sounds like he was a pedestrian?

Really sad this kid had his whole life in front of him. Just a horrible thing to happen.


Oh my goodness, how tragic and sad… RIP


Unbelievable. Rip

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You just never know. Very sad. Prayers to those that loved the man.

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Really tragic. Thoughts and prayers with his family. May he Rest In Peace.

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Wow . . . RIP

Hate seeing stuff like this. Sending love to the family.

Go love on your people every day, fellas.
Crazy shit happens…Leave NOTHING on the table, when I comes to loving your people. Presence in this moment → Love NOW!!!


RIP young man. So young, tragic loss. Prayers to his family and friends. None of us ever know, appreciate life and don’t take it for granted my friends.

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WOW that’s awful rest in peace and may the Lord help your family and friends.


Wow! Shocking news…

…the death of a young person always bites a little deeper.



Awful news. Praying for his family and friends.

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Shefter is getting hammered on Twitter for his tweet. Rightfully so IMO. Breathtakingly tone deaf and insensitive on his part.

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