Dwayne Haskins falling in mocks?

NFL.com mocks have him falling anywhere from 9-14. I think that’s nuts but lets speculate that he could be there at 8. Two options, as long as none of the top def players fall to us, take him and sit him behind Stafford for 2 years like Green Bay did with Rodgers or trade down. I still believe in Stafford but the first option is tempting but I’d trade down for a bunch of picks and get a development qb later in the draft. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2019/mock-drafts

Normal QB year, he is probably a 2nd or 3rd round talent.

I hear this every year with almost every QB in the class with a few notable exceptions. Following this logic the last QB that was worth a first round grade would have been Andrew Luck. Only grade that matters come draft time is the one the team drafting him had assigned.

Then why is he falling?
When was the last time an Ohio State QB that plays in that spread offense ever made an impact in the NFL?

Because its mock draft season and they can’t keep throwing out the same mock drafts week after week. They’d lose hits on their sites. It’s for entertainment value only.

Except a lot of the guys that have been in the top 10 to 15 have stayed in that range. Haskins is dropping for a reason.
He’s not worth a pick before #20. Some QB’s drop and Haskins seems like a good candidate to do so. Denver is desperate for a QB and it’s possible they make a desperation move and take him, but also I would not be surprised if Haskins falls to the second round this year. During a normal QB year, he could fall to the 3rd round for reasons previously mentioned.
There is just less QB talent this year.
Josh Rosen would be a safer pick than Haskins.

It seems the last few years haven’t been rhe best as far as top college QBs being available.

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My problem with that is what exactly is a normal QB year? Because year after year all I ever hear is this QB wouldn’t go that high any other year. So where are all these MVP QBs that seem to come out every other year? Because I’m just not seeing them. There are a ton of systematic QBs who on occasion happen to fall into a program who know how to utilize their talents to maximize potential. Just give me an example of one of these average QB classes you speak of. Because I just can’t think of a class, or single QB for that matter that was unanimously regarded as a solid QB since Andrew Luck, so to me the average QB class is kind of viewed as less than stellar, in which case then Haskins is right in the same ballpark.

Regarding the mocks they may be keeping some of the same players in certain points but how often do mocks end up being correct? They miss constantly. It’s entertainment and nothing else because none of us can possibly know how management within any one organization weighs certain players or positions. We all follow the Lions religiously and none of us can say who the Lions are going to take with any certainty, and you think outside media sources who lightly follow teams for a couple of months out of the year during the off-season are going to understand the inner workings of our team?(or any other for that matter) Just view the mocks as entertainment to help pass the long dead zone which is the NFL offseason and get ready to either cheer or curse relentlessly at your TV/Phone on draft day.

Last year most mock drafts had 3 or 4 TE’s in it. I notice that a lot of these guys copy the others or at least allow the others to influence their own.

I knew there was no way 4 te’s would go round one. Most of those same mocks had two TE’s going in the top 20. Which I knew wasn’t happening too.

Haskins is falling because some respected mock guy heard the NYG weren’t going to take him. So he slid them down. Others followed.

There’s probably very little scout talk going on about him too. Mainly because there are more needy QB teams than originally expected.

Sign me up for your option 2.

IF he is there at 8 I suspect that the truly elite prospect level talent is gone by the time we pick, so I buy into the assumption we aren’t passing the highest level guys. So given your scenario, I move a couple of slots if there is a dance partner. If not, I follow the board.

Wait what? For all positions or just QB?

Typical pre draft smoke. Devalue the pick you covet. Haskins will be a top 10 pick, my money is on the Giants. Talk of extending Manning may just be the smoke I referred to.

Raiders at #24.

If coaches see the football IQ and tests that they want, then he should be picked within the top 10 because he has all of the physical tools.

Bucky Brooks has him #1.

It really does come down to what’s between the ears. What are they seeing in private workouts and other tests? Is he Cam Newton or is he Vince Young?

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The consensus, as far as ive read, is that the last couple of QB classes weren’t the greatest, especially near the top.

But hey, then again, one of those years saw Chicago make a crazy trade for one of those guys. :man_shrugging:

woah, woah there Stephen a smith. Neither of those QBs are comparable to Haskins, as he’s a pocket passer and mindsets going to be slightly different. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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