Dwayne Haskins = Jordan Love

Was thinking on the toilet this fine morning…

Would it be worth it to grab DH and simply bench him for a year or two behind MS? We see what we got in him and saves a short term drafting of a QB?

Pulling a GB and Jordan Love deal by grooming him over the next two years or so?

Time for the paperwork!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The Lions organisation needs winners. Haskins is a loser, with a terrible work ethic who breaks team rules constantly. Simply a terrible idea.

Spielman would never let that happen.

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So no one can change their ways at 23?

I have no idea if he can or more importantly want too but I’d talk to him and see what’s up… worth an interview maybe?

I always want to see folks better themselves…


I’m all about picking an “heir apparent” out of the trash heap, but I’d much rather take a run at Jameis Winston. I think he can pull a Tannehill in the right situation.

I frickin’ hate that they signed Daniel for so much and for so long. What a waste.


And I’m with you here… see what’s out there…

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Give me cj Bethard if we going the cheap backup route

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If we take an heir to Stafford, I only want Justin Fields. No one else except maybe Zach Wilson, but I’d probably still want to keep Stafford.

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The Lions really cant afford to take a chance on a guy like Haskins at this time. I do believe that Haskins can rehabilitate his career & image if he wants too, but it’s too risky for a team like the Lions. There’s other NFL teams that could more than afford that risk, the Lions can’t afford it at this time.

Why? He could replace Blough and no one would notice. Especially if they’re keeping Stafford. .

Just see who else is out there. This discussion merits no further conversation. Haskins doesn’t even have an agent right now. I might feel differently in April or May but right now the answer is no to Dwayne Haskins joining the team.

Now is the perfect time to sign him. Cheap, and I mean cheap deal. So you have his rights for next year. Make it so it costs nothing to cut him should you want to.

You get him here. Get him with people who can help him learn what it means to be a NFL QB.

If someone drops to you in the draft, so be it. He’s another training camp body. Like they’re going to sign anyway.

Patriots will sign him and he’ll be an all pro

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Worked well with Cam, oh wait.

Cam has broken down physically and was never a good passer to begin with… I did say Cam would go to the Pats 2 months before it happened though…

I’d scoop up Haskins in a heartbeat. He’s young. He’ll be cheap, and he’s made some mistakes.

Not saying every 1st round QB turns out to be good, but there’s a reason he was drafted in the 1st round. What can it hurt? If you get him and he isn’t mature, or just doesn’t have the talent, cut bait and move on.

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Another red flag


This has Belichick written all over it

Why? We already have to pay Stafford and Daniels. Why have a 3rd QB on the roster that we’d have to pay. Maybe I’d sign him to the Practice Squad and let him compete with the other rookies.

I totally agree with you on Belichick. New England would be a great place for Haskins. I don’t know if he can turn into a great QB under Belichick, but he’ll definitely learn maturity under Bill.