Eagles clear winners in Wentz trade


The Colts-Eagles trade summary: Colts received: Carson Wentz Eagles received: Top-20 pick, 3rd rd pick, $103M in cap relief Eagles made the playoffs, the Colts did not


That was the biggest choke job I every seen. How do you lose to the Jags in a win or go home situation?


Imagine having a playoff spot in your grasp, only to blow it by losing to a crappy team like the Jags. This will be a long offseason in Indianapolis.

Side note for the Colts: This was effectively a playoff game for you. How does Jonathan Taylor only get 18 touches in a game you have to win?


Although he has some gaudy stats, the 29 year old Wentz has never played in a playoff game:

As were the Lions

Bonus points, Goff is 27 not 29

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We’ll trade Goff for wentz plus 2 firsts.


Even more hilarious is that the Colts haven’t won in Jacksonville since 2014. It’s becoming like Lambeau used to be to the lions. :joy:


Gym Shortz’s team did it when we lost to a subpar Cincy team. Our division was crappy, Rodgers out hurt, etc…still couldn’t get it done. I was PISSED. It was the year he got fired, if I’m not mistaken.


I think it’s becoming clear Wentz is about like Goff at the end of his Rams career. A guy who is in between starter and back up, with a huge contract reflective more of past success than future potential. Indy waaaay overpaid for him. But then again the Lions got Goff for almost free.

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Agree w/all of this. I like Wentz’s tools, but he’s never quite put it all together. Reminds me a little of Carr, in that way. If I were running the show, FIRST thing I’d do is get a QB coach …Best one on the planet, and try to get him to his fairly high ceiling. As it sits, he’s not the answer.

Imagine my $10 parlay at +2750 paying off $356 with a boost offer

Moneyline underdogs-3


I Mike McD’d that group…check,check,check

Moneyline favorites-3


Oh yeah, easy money…I’m about to drop the Teddy KGB meme we all love

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and Daryl Freaking Bevel is the Devil because I have the Colts as my 6th leg.

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Fortunately I got Lions [email protected] $10 and covered my ass and made enough for a celebratory coney dog

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And Goff is not Prince Harry hiding out as an NFL player.

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Dont forget the colts had the raiders at home the week before and would have made playoffs if they won that game regardless of the jags game. How do you lose at home to the raiders with playoffs on line?

Not sure I put Goff in a similar category to Wentz, I see Wentz as trending down and Goff still has upside for more success in the league.

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I think recency bias may be at play here. Earlier in the year we all would have said Goff is trending down and Wentz looks like he’s going to lead his team to the playoffs. I think they’re both up and down, and both questionable as franchise leading QBs. My best guess is neither of them really are ideal long term starters at this point, but we’ll see.