Eagles partying ways with Malcolm Jenkins - Lions interested?

Wanna bet we take a shot at him?

Yeah, I guarantee we are. And we should be, at the right price.

The next line down reads.

Malcolm Jenkins has threatened to holdout at his current $7.6 million base salary in the past, he wants $14 million annually.

Instead? #Eagles say goodbye.

I do not believe he is on the Lions list or even that he should be.

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Eagles are keeping Jalen Mills and moving him to safety.

He better not be getting $14 mil/yr from the Lions. I ain’t seeing that happen, better the Lions should re-sign Tavon Wilson.

I’m sure he’d upgrade safety short term, but the Lions have signed enough older players IMO. I get these guys need quick results in 2020, but paying big money to Jenkins would be dumb.

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I would rather re sign Tavon Wilson.


I don’t want to pay him anything close to $14M/year but he’d be great with our young safeties, he’d be a galaxy brain back there. He and Undlin are big fans of each other.

I agree 100% He is 32 yrs old an I just have no interest in secondary over 30 . Yes some play ok after but in general secondary hit the Wall around 30. Why would we pay him an not even extend Slay who we need more than a 32 yr old S who has a attitude.


Spot on coyote. I couldn’t have said it any better.

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You mean you couldn’t have said “an attitude” rather than “a”?

KIDDING Yote, love ya man.

Lols why he’s exacty what Quinn’s mo is, he will sign him for 14 million on top of it.