Eagles pay 54.2 Million for a Guard

“Pay your own first.”

I think when we are done with the Patriot experiment, we might want to try someone off the Eagles personnel tree. It might work better in Detroit, since we suck.


yeah we’re NOT the Patriots. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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He’s one of the most dominant run blocker in the league by damn that is a ton of coin.

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I agree they have a defense coordinator that might be worth a look…

They took 80% of Chip Kelly’s gimmicky ass personnel on offense and defense then won a championship in 2 years.

But apparently you need half a decade in Detroit for a culture and scheme change.


PS Bring Back Jim Schwartz

I did enjoy him as coach. Hot headed coaches are entertaining at least even if their losing. Not to mention Linehan was probably the best offensive coordinator we’d had in a long, long time. Jury is still out on Bevell

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Actually the first thing Howie Roseman did was purge Chip Kelly’s players, then he handed out contract extensions to the guys he drafted before Chip took over.

It’s a very interesting story.

How we defining purge here?

Trading 5 players is a purge?

How many of the Eagles players do you consider “Chip’s guys?” You said 80% and its not even close. A purge isn’t just a number, its an action. And guys who truly were “Chip’s guys” got purged almost immediately. It was interesting to watch, but you had to realize what you were looking at.

Ahh my bad.

When I said Chip’s guys I was just referring to the total roster.

Understood. The Eagles are a very unique situation because the guy that built the Super Bowl team was moved into a different position briefly at the end of Kelly’s tenure, then they fired Chip and moved him right back into his role in charge of personnel. He immediately started giving out big contract extensions to his guys he drafted and purging “Chip’s guys” that he brought in during his brief time in charge of personnel. Howie said his number one goal once being put back in charge was “pay your own guys first,” which he said was a big lesson he learned after the Dream Team debacle.

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