** Eagles v. Chiefs ** Big Game Thread

Keep it here. Lions would beat both today.



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You know why we would beat both? You wanna know why??


Jamaal Williams would single handedly destroy both these teams. And Dan Campbell and the team would eat the raw flesh.

I mean I’m not promoting cannibalism or anything… but, they would.

And yes I think this years Lions team would give either of these teams a real challenge.

It’s a good matchup though should be a fun game.


These 2 better enjoy this game because next yr is the start of the lions dynasty run!


Lol the nfl… tell me you’re out of touch without saying you’re out of touch

::plays a U2 song for some video montage::

Rooting for the Eagles. Don’t tell my nephew.

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Lions featured heavily in an NFL Sunday ticket ad and it’s coming to YouTube tv no satellite required!

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Anthem’s pretty badass. Way up there.


Finally feel like the idea of the Lions playing in this game isn’t so crazy anymore. Maybe not next year but it’s gonna happen!

Closest i’ve ever felt.

“Call it.”

Heads / Tails…

I want Darius Slay to earn the Super Bowl MVP!

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That would be awesome

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I liked them doing America the Beautiful too… love that song

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At a game party with an Eagles fan. Everyone’s in Eagles jerseys.

Go Birds and go future Lions defensive free agent acquisitions!!!

Philadelphia Eagles Football GIF by Pepsi

The amount of Shiit he would talk about Patricia would be so incredibly fantastic!

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John Williams…?

Nothing in life has made me feel as old as them just mentioning Doug Williams Superbowl win being 35


years ago.

Good grief.

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