Earl Thomas cheating

Using prayer as an excuse so ravens will not cut him , ridiculous .What his wife did is wrong , but she care and loved him that’s why she confronted him https://nypost.com/2020/05/07/nfl-star-earl-thomas-allegedly-held-at-gunpoint-by-wife-report/

Read this earlier. So, there was a protection order, yet they’re still married?

Thought I was going to see a steroid article.

Dude was cheating, got caught by his wife in bed with the other woman AND HIS OWN BROTHER!! Talk about an effed up family life.


I am impressed personally. My brother and I never shared anything without fighting over it


Lol… I’m just in shock of the lifestyle I guess… If one of my brothers was about to cheat on his wife, my first instinct would be to beat him silly, not join in.


She should’ve joined them

That’s how many movies on Porn Hub start out :laughing:


Men cheat on women and vice versa women cheat on men. The shit happens. President Trump cheated on his wife so did Bill Clinton. Life goes on. :grinning:

Thomas had a good image as a family man , little surprised

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We all have our demons…

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Multiple women at the same time? Well they’ve always said he excelled at Cover-3.


A “FAMILY MAN” with skeletons? Shocking I tell you! I’ve never heard of such a thing! Most guys are as faithful as their options permit. It’s been that way since we were cavemen and it will be that way long after we’re gone.


Do you think other athletes have ever committed adultery or is Earl Thomas the Christopher Columbus of athlete infidelity?

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There’s a stand up I saw the other day that’s right on par with your statement… He said, I was in a relationship for 2 years, I never cheated, people ask me how I never cheated, I said… No woman tried to have sex with me lol


That’s not entirely true but I get the sentiment

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I got a kick out of the last couple sentences
Stuff like this happens???
Not in normal households

Lead your best life??
Nah, you’re not even trying …

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Especially with kids. I wouldn’t do that to my wife but I absolutely wouldn’t do that to my son.

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Very little about the life of a professional athlete could be characterized as “normal”.

Booom!!! LOL

If he gets an STD do we call that the “Lesion of Boom”?