Early impressions

Spags is a better DC than I gave him credit for. I felt for the longest time that he was over-rated, but his defense was flying around everywhere out there.

We don’t have a 3-tech. McNeil suffers from the same syndrome that plagues big guys trying to play like smaller guys… they lose their balance after the first move and end up on the turf. Hopefully Levi continues the rebuild, but he was invisible. Benito’s strength is his anchor as we seen all night. He couldn’t move or be moved.

Gibbs is special. Can’t wait to see him against a lesser defense than Spags’s.

The 1st down pass that Goff made to Ra in the 2nd quarter was sick. Dropped it in a spot between 3 defenders that Ra ran to. Sick.

I almost cried when Branch returned. I soooooo didn’t want to hear the same “ankle injury” report that we heard with Walker.

As painful as the interior DL was to watch at times, we still came away holding KC to 2 TD and 2 FG.

You still get a sense of SOL from the officials. Much will be made of Kelce not being there, but the refs tried making up for it by giving the RT a head start all night.


Defense won this game. I thought Ben Johnson called a shit game!


A lot of guys on here have been talking Gibbs up. I see the speed now. Never watched him at Alabama, but his speed among NFL guys pops


He’s got a little Matrix action going out there, too. Quick, but physical and possessing really good balance.


So hard to truly understand where teams are until after 5-6 weeks but my impressions below…

  • hutch is going to make a huge jump this year
    -DL isn’t going to be as amazing as some here projected which was a worry of mine
    -WR depth might be an issue
  • miscommunications on back 7 needs to be cleaned up

I feel good about the lions and the hype now


I think it is too early to make any judgement on Alim or anyone after one game, especially as they basically didn’t play any live games


Alim is what Alim is. Glad to have him.

He’s not a 3-tech.

(not to sound like a jerk, but I just feel like we’ve seen enough of him to know)


You’re spot on with the wr issue.
Hutch jumped off the screen every play and against a lesser QB would have tallied some sacks


Honestly, what a game to grind out. Felt we were the better team and glad we could pull out the win.

Two notes:

  1. How did the Chiefs not punt the ball on 4th and 25 and give their defense a chance to hold thenLions inside the twenty with a chance to get a field goal to win down one point. I would be pauper mad if went for it.

  2. Will Harris, what is he still doing on this team. I know we dog him for past mistakes but he almost lost this for us. His punt return blocking on the gunner was some of the worst I have ever seen in 30 years. Not being sarcastic either. Cut the guy tomorrow.


I honestly didn’t see him out there, even on ST.

My take on the offense:
Lots of execution errors held back the offense today. Bad snaps, fumbles, false starts, etc. Bascially all the execution errors. Goff was clutch when we needed him. The RBs are stars already. We do need help at WR. I’ll have to look at the all-22 but getting open was a struggle.

I thought Ben Johnson called a good game. He played it safe and let the Chiefs struggle for points. From the first quarter KC was frantic trying to get points by making dangerous passes (there should have been 3 ints this game). The Lions were making errors but not really putting the ball in danger.


My early impressions is my PTSD from being a lifelong fan.

When Goff was pumping up the crowd, I was more concerned about executing the kneel downs still


I was told taking Jordan Davis would have been a mistake instead of taking Jamo…still waiting to be told that all season as it looks like this DL needs a real, big nasty, 3 tech, like, idk, Jordan Davis would have been…


Yeah it definitely felt like the gameplan was to keep Maholmes on the bench by making methodical chain moving plays and controling the clock instead of trying to go for explosive plays.

Jordan Davis is a NT not a 3-tech albeit an athletic NT for sure.


Yeah, I’m really confused by that. I know you have Mahomes but your WRs were playing like ass all game. Why go for it on 4th and 25, backed up at your own 30 no less? I’m sure it’s going to lead to some conspiracy theories

True, but as you said, he’s athletic as ■■■■ and would make this DL tons better right now, wouldnt need a pure 3 tech with him imo

Because Reid knew his defense couldn’t stop the Lions running game and they were not going to get the ball back.


We’ll see where his conditioning is at this year and how many snaps he takes. I’m curious to see what he can do especially on that D-line.

If he doesn’t slip on that cut, there’re 3 post on here about how elite he is, which he is