Early intrique / bubble players (pre-draft) 2023

Looking at the roster and seeing a few bubble players that may be on the outside looking in after draft.

#1. RB - Jermar Jefferson
#2. TE - Shane Zylstra
#3. G - Kayode Awosika

#1. CB Chase Lucas
#2. CB Mac McCain

Each of the position groups above have players in positions that we may be higher or lower on than the brass. The draft will inform us of their opinions. (Intrigue)

There’s a battle between the 2 CBs already for the last spot on the roster already (unless a CB moves to Safety). If a CB is drafted, they’re both on the outside looking in.

DE is interesting. If a DE is drafted, someone capable of being a 53-man roster player is not going to make the team. I wouldn’t call them “bubble” players, but there’s only room for so many.

QB, WR, DT, LB and S can all have players added without a noteworthy corresponding cut.

I think for me the biggest question mark that I expect answered is Kayode. If they draft a G, they’re not expecting much more out of Kayode.

I’m personally very interested in what Kayode might bring in the future, and I’m assuming the staff is too. And it still wouldn’t stop me from adding a mid-round iOL. Survival of the fittest, plus we certainly can’t count on Vaitai making it through the year or Glasgow returning to form.

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I agree completely, but that necessarily means that Kayode is a PSer. If he’s seen as more than that, they’re picking one late late who may end up the PS instead of the 53-man. If they don’t pick one, they see greater potential with him than most of us on the outside.

Kayode or the new iOL. It would be tough to draft one in say the 2nd and have him on the PS because Kayode beat him out, I agree, but if Kayode did beat him out I’m pretty sure the coaches wouldn’t play favorites. Plus we could protect either one from being snatched (I think it was 4/week last season, but that might be subject to change I don’t know).

Overall I agree though, but even before we signed Glasgow (and potentially restructured Vaitai), I regularly waited until day 3 to grab my iOL. There’s just a ton of guys down there I like. McFadden, Zavala (both of whom we’ve met with), Sow, Braeden Daniels, Manning, Curtis, Stromberg, Gaines, Oluwatimi, Scruggs, Uluave, on and on and on. I’d be fine with damn near any of them.

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Yep, all of them will need to ball out to make the team in training camp/preseason. The odds are stacked against them to make the 53 man roster. Not to mention we will be adding a bunch of draft picks to the mix. We currently have 8 picks.

But with the practice squad being 16 players these days, lots of jobs out there for dudes with potential. Injuries are going to happen and practice squad players often get a lot of opportunities.

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What he said.

With a full off-season and training camp under his belt, I think you’ll see a much better player than the one who was thrown in the muck late last season. He missed some assignments, but when he was in the right place, he looked good to my amateur eye. I think he’s part of the team in 2023, even with Glasgow and a Day 2 C/G addition.

I think Zylstra makes it. That sneaky mf’er gets open.

Even though he was a former wr he actually graded out as one of the best run blocking te’s in the league.

I’m fine with leaving our te’s as is if we can get one of them to pick up some fullback duties.


Yea he’s intriguing. Sure was a red zone target when he played as well. Caught only 11 passes but 4 were TD’s.

Right! See what I mean?


It’s a good problem to have brother!! Camp is gonna be very competitive fighting for roster spots.

If, say, Brock Wright or Zylstra can do that, the Lions may save $2M by cutting Cabinda.


Either I overvalue the fact that Holmes signed these guys to a contract or others are undervaluing that it was Holmes who signed them to a contract.

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That’s bad news for some UDFA’s hoping to squeak on to the PS.

Nelson vs Eze

Kayode vs late round rookie

Benito Jones vs Demetrius Taylor

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Nelson and Eze are both on the roster, IMO. Nobody is really challenging them at this point for their spot.
Kayode and rookie for sure.

Jones and Taylor is a good call. They’re likely battling for the last DL spot and one will make it unless Holmes double-dips in the draft.

I suppose if we were being open-minded, we’d include Levi in that battle.

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When does Trinity Benson breakout? We gave up a draft pick for him and he looks the part. Whats missing?

Football IQ


I think the staff loves him.

I value him in run game and ST but I recall 3 key drops he had last year that really annoyed me.

Ideally I’d love to see a backup TE that could double as a FB!

Darnell Washington, the best blocking TE in the draft…

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I’d love to see Mitchell used as an H back/ TE and then draft a TE like Musgrave who can actually stretch the field. Wright can block and Zylstra can catch but it would be nice to take one of the many TEs in this class that can do both. Mitchell can even be spread out wide, I expect to see a lot more from Mitchell this year.