Ebron's TDs against Jacksonville

Out of morbid curiosity, I pulled up the highlight videos of Ebron’s TDs against Jacksonville yesterday, and holy crap! I thought the Lions had trouble with TEs. I swear I could have scored on that second TD catch. Nobody even looked at him. I don’t think anyone was within 10 yards of the guy, and they were starting from the 12.

I’m not sure what kind of bad juju curse the Lions are under this season, but whatever it is, Jacksonville’s got it worse.

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That’s just shitty defense considering the Colts go to a TE nearly every single time Luck drops back to pass.

Meh. Whatever. I know that misery loves company, but at least Jacksonville can be thrilled they won a playoff game last year (with a QB who can’t throw across a street), while our bad juju is going on over 25 years.

Just glad I got EE in the late rounds of my money leagued. By far my best value picks… Golladay and Kerryon are close 2nd and 3rd.