Editing my bucket list - regrettably

My 2020 New Year’s resolutions required me to take a realistic look on my life’s goals.
Upon checking the latest “life expectancy tables” I have come to the obvious conclusion, regrettably, that I need to remove from my present “bucket list” attending a Lions Super Bowl.
This leaves me three more realistic goals to focus on:
1) winning a Nobel Peace Prize;
2) winning a big powerball lottery;
3) running a sub 4 minute mile
I humbly suggest to all fellow posters who envision a rapid turnaround, in the near future, for our beloved Lions to re-evaluate their priorities & focus on more realistic goals to help preserve your sanity.


So, banging Halle Berry isn’t realistic?

Not for him.

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I think it says a lot about Lions fans that we’ve hung in there all these years. I hope we’ll be rewarded. There’s no other fanbase that deserves a winner more, when you combine failure with continued interest and passion. We’ll be rewarded eventually, I think. Even the Cubs got there. Surely…

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Well, maybe now…

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