Eli and the Giants

I hope he can lead the Giants to some wins!

Looking good so far!

So far, so good. They have the Dolphins and Redskins the next 2 weeks so these teams ahead of the Lions are going to rack up some wins. We have to hope that Winston plays this week.

Dallas will go 8-8 and still win the division by 3 games.

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NYG wins this game and against the dolphins

Wash beats NYG

Phins beat Cincy

We get the 2nd pick!


I wouldn’t be shocked if the NYG won out.

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I think we’d need the Cards to get a win too, right?

We would get DE Young if we did because I think Cincy will go QB.

Who am I kidding BQ will draft an OL or another TE.

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Yep, they’ll probably be the most talented but worst football team to make the playoffs!! Yeah weak division!

The Lions win (lose) the tiebreaker with the Cards right now based on strength of schedule, not sure how that would play out at the end of the season though.

This might very well be the year a 6-10 team makes the playoff. The Cowboys will get absolutely destroyed by the Seahawks or Niners in the first round.

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Giants starting to go all Giants :rage::rage:


I sure did think the Eagles would end up being better this year.

I saw them as being more like the Vikings, once they healed up.

If this giants blow this literally every team I was pulling for Saturday and Sunday will have lost. With the exception of the lions of course

I’m bad juju. I need to start cheering for the packers

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surprisingly good game. Love watching this DL get after it. Jealous AF. I want that big, nasty rookie DT from NY.

Thankfully this is going to OT so we can watch some more terrible football

I’m entertained.

I’m finding somewhat odd watching 2 teams that the Lions beat. Probably doesn’t happen a lot.

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I find it odd watching a team play with one WR. Philly is in big trouble beyond this game.

Stupid useless Giants. Probably not catching them now