Eliminations are now officially here! AZ being the 1st

AZ can be officially eliminated from the 1st if …

Cardinals lose to the Falcons
Forty-Niners beat the Jaguars
Seahawks beat the Commanders

AND we isn’t in that bag!!


What’s the Lions magic number to win the north?

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8 …. If Minny wasn’t on a four game winning streak, it would obviously be less…

I want it won before week 16 if possible!

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I just do not believe Minny can keep having everything go their way to get wins.

I had assumed that once Coysins went down that the deal with the devil was cancelled out

Saints bears broncos and raiders are their next four….

These are all winnable imho for the bikes …. And only 50% of all thier remaining games

And 9-8 they currently have a 90% of making the WC and we’d must likely host them

10-7 and they are a lock for playoffs

I mean, they might pull that off. Which is crazy. Because stuff like that never seemed to happen for the Lions in the ‘down’ years. We’d always miss the playoffs by like one game, or some sort of late season meltdown.

It’s probably because Kwesi is such a fantastic GM. He really helps the luck flow…

I’m just rolling with the realist in me right now…

They are a threat at only 1.5 games behind us

We lose next week and they win .5

We win and they lose!! 2.5

That’s a huge difference going into the last eight games for us to handle the unexpected

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