Elliott likely out for Dolphins game-- Ju Ju Hughes most likely replacement

Dave Birkett


Campbell said Lions working through options at the safety spot, where DeShon Elliott hasn’t practiced this week because of a finger injury. Would be Juju Hughes if Elliott can’t play.


Geez the injuries this year are insane.

See my broken record posts.
See Elliott’s history. He’s never been able to stay healthy.

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I agree, he’s been hurt a bunch in his career, but this is a finger for a safety… common man! He’s probably mad we benched him 2 weeks ago, so his revenge is milking a finger injury. Tape that shit up dude.


That’s what I was thinking. He can’t play with a cast? It feels like revenge to me.

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Yes, that’s what led to the finger injury…because he kept doing this!

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Either that or it’s just part of the tank, rest anyone that isn’t 99.9% healthy to ensure L’s.

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That could also very well be true. Especially if they’ve decided we need a new quarterback.

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I think the tank is on! Ask yourself this question, what have the Lions done in free agency, trades and the draft that would support that we are trying to win this year and right now?

Everything points to us trying to lose on purpose while loading the roster for the future, 1 year bandaid vets in free agency, drafting several injured dudes.

I think we are playing the long game and yes it sucks to watch, but who knows maybe it’ll work in the future. My confidence level in this working is about 1.6%.

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good grief. Their WR speed is going to eradicate our defense

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It has all been a 6 decade long plan that is about to pay off!

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Haha well played!!! I said 1.6% chance? Too high!?

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Trust the process!
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My Raptors beat the shit out of that clown just 2 days ago… and we gotta play him again tonight!

But ur right, the 76ers are the kings of tanking!

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whoo hoo my finer gots a boo boo whaaaaa ! what a bunch of pussies !!! :japanese_goblin: :japanese_ogre: :imp: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:

But the combo of their OL, our DL and Kerby Joseph’s first 2 interceptions of his career will slow that runaway train down. Bet the house on it!!

Ooo, this ayahuasca be hittin’ different…
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When I saw Elliott in this kind of shape I figured he’d be out.

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Great! Hughes blows! Soft ass Iffy still hurt too!

honestly this is the game to bring out a heavy zone scheme

Their run game is meh, WR are stacked at speed, you need to cover up those deep/medium shots

That’s the dupe, there is no process !! That’s just a term they use for losing.